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What Made You Want to Get on Gear?

Its ok I own some do u even lift bro tanks…been thinking about beastmode stuff…its ok to embrace meat head culture.
I got 3 kids Im done… Hopefully the juice renders my grape size nuts useless… That way these hoes cant take my $$$…its birth control with bonus 22" Biceps


Try being born with klenfelters and live your life with below 100 ng/l test constantly, wasting 1-2 years at gym to gain 12 pounds muscle, lifting 3 digits but looking like a skinny nerd…, hitting puberty late around 15-16…

That’s why i started, and I don’t regret it, my life is 100x better on test even on low dosage from TRT (200mg), I blast and cruise sometimes for fun.

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lmao this guy…

oh and yea… the hoes…

I’m an athlete. So that’s why I started. Wanted to compete at a higher level. It’s worked out well.

But I will say, the aesthetic benefits are pretty sweet, and I can’t really blame anyone who uses steroids just to look better. It can be life-changing.


Worked out as a natty for 25 years but was never satisfied with my gains. I noticed I started losing what little gains I had in my late 40’s and went in for a checkout and my test level was 210. I was also having soft peter issues. My Dr gave me a 200mg shot of test and I felt like a million bucks. I’ve been on trt for 8 years but I blast and cruise. At 58 I feel better than I did at 38.


that’s insane dude, and that’s really awesome to hear. I’m going to be natty for as long as possible but I’m planning on following the same path you took


Kdawg you juicin too?


HA. Nice try IPF Anti-Doping. You can’t prove shit. Passed Tests = Fully Natty Brah


perfect gif for this occasion. well done


aesthetics benefits are life-changing. Confirmed.

Now the question is how hard is it to maintain post-BnC. I’ve seen great physiques on IG of guys who pretend they stopped. 2nd question is - did they truly stop or do they mean “my TRT puts me at 900 ng/dl I’m fully natty brethren”

does it matter? i don’t see anything wrong with trt.


it doesn’t matter. TRT is fine, claiming you’re natty or you stopped using when you’re on TRT isn’t fine however. Well I give precisely zero fucks about those guys’ lives, but it doesn’t help you gauge what could be maintained when you’re cycling off (like I’m doing), if the guys are lying

but why is it important for you to gauge yourself off someone else’s progress in the first place? Everyone reacts different to coming off gear, so it’s not useful even if people ar honest.

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I am on clomid got me to 500 T but still have some symptoms of low T. I am contemplating injections but nervous because its for life. Did you also inject hcg to keep testes alive? Am 41. I though I read even if I dont care about fertility that LH was needed for other things.

Thank you.

At 58 I’m not concerned with fertility and my nuts didn’t shrink that much. My trt dose is 100mg split into two doses per week and that keeps my test level at about 950. I also heard that HCG is good for other than things but my dr refused and I have always felt good and my labs are good so I have not used.

500 T at 41 years old is not bad at all. I wouldn’t got the TRT route for that reason.

If your T levels are that high, you need to rule out other possibilities for why you’re experiencing your symptoms. T is not the only hormone in your body, lol. I would take your question to the T Replacement forums and start a discussion there. People will be more familiar with your problem. The Pharma section of this site is more geared towards those who are using steroids for the purpose of muscle building, not just for a regular lifestyle.


first, to the competition. I competed natural once giving my ass in regard to training, nutrition, rest, … but I did not get rating on comp. I was against steroids, but once you’re going to compete, and you see all competitors are bigger than you, and you know they were not doing all the hard work you just did … hummm … that’s how I started to use roids… with only 6 months priming a very good shape I already had, I got 4th place in the state championship. Second, steroids gave me a better life, better self esteem,energyzed, better performance in all areas, besides the look you get (if you know what you’re doing) you see improvements in all areas, your brain just function faster, you feel better, you see progress in the gym, when you train, you know you’re gonna progress! You can eat better, to make more mistakes with food (eat more junk), and still look awesome. Man… for me, steroids is life changing, all for good!

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I’m not a competitive athlete and I’m not planning on scamming kids out of money on the internet. I’m just a hobbyist, and I can do whatever I want.

Your point in replying to an eight month old thread?

Just curious.