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What Made You Want to Get on Gear?

Hey guys. I don’t use steroids, and I don’t plan on it anytime in the near future. However, I am very curious as to why people began taking them.

Please realize that I am not at all anti-PED. They’re very intriguing to me, and so are the people who use them. That being said, I am curious about everyone’s story. Why did you start taking some form of PEDs? I’m interested to hear your stories, be it recovering from an injury, curiosity, or maybe you just felt that you reached your genetic potential.

Please make these posts as long as you’d like, as this is something I’m genuinely interested in. Thanks guys!

Nice try DEA.

My gains are all natty and hard work. Pls use my affiliate link. Discount code in the description below.

Performance enhancement and sexiness: how many more reasons you need?


Not looking for reasons as much as I’m looking for good stories.

“I found a syringe in a dumpster while I was scavenging for food, and since I have no regard for my own life, I stuck it in my ass and gained 10lbs overnight. Turns out it was premium grade ROIDS.” That kind of thing.

What Made You Want to get on Gear?

Because reasons lel.

You mean stuff like this.

Got HIV AIDs. HGH and anabolics as part of treatment.

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They’re cheaper than coke and whores. Duh.

@thehebrewhero Right?


Depends on the hookers.

But in general by being jacked and juicy the whores will come to you… However dont recommend coke on a cycle unless you want to transform into hulk and do jail time (trust me bad combo)

But yea I cycle because Im a vein dbag that likes to pretend Im still 25 and bang chics 10yrs or more younger… Enjoy yur cycle brohiem


just had to comment on this again its too funny…
Id say if your over 30, like fucking hot chics, like lifting, not a fat fuck, can read, do research, not broke and not in a sport where you get tested…why wouldnt you??? .
Size is the prize…swole is the goal… now eat yur trenbologna sandwitchs and enjoy bulking season boyz hooorahh !!


Maybe they were expecting some melodrama from Rich Piana fanboys with delusions of grandeur screaming, “Cos I’m doing all it takes brah!” here.

I’m in my late 30s, financially stable, have assets, minimal debt and have more disposable income cos I’m don’t and am never going to have kids. I can do whatever the fuck I want lol. It’s that simple.


Oh ok I just saw the latest article posted today. Terribly inaccurate. I own at least 2 beast-mode t-shirts.


Its ok I own some do u even lift bro tanks…been thinking about beastmode stuff…its ok to embrace meat head culture.
I got 3 kids Im done… Hopefully the juice renders my grape size nuts useless… That way these hoes cant take my $$$…its birth control with bonus 22" Biceps


Try being born with klenfelters and live your life with below 100 ng/l test constantly, wasting 1-2 years at gym to gain 12 pounds muscle, lifting 3 digits but looking like a skinny nerd…, hitting puberty late around 15-16…

That’s why i started, and I don’t regret it, my life is 100x better on test even on low dosage from TRT (200mg), I blast and cruise sometimes for fun.

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lmao this guy…

oh and yea… the hoes…

I’m an athlete. So that’s why I started. Wanted to compete at a higher level. It’s worked out well.

But I will say, the aesthetic benefits are pretty sweet, and I can’t really blame anyone who uses steroids just to look better. It can be life-changing.


Worked out as a natty for 25 years but was never satisfied with my gains. I noticed I started losing what little gains I had in my late 40’s and went in for a checkout and my test level was 210. I was also having soft peter issues. My Dr gave me a 200mg shot of test and I felt like a million bucks. I’ve been on trt for 8 years but I blast and cruise. At 58 I feel better than I did at 38.


that’s insane dude, and that’s really awesome to hear. I’m going to be natty for as long as possible but I’m planning on following the same path you took


Kdawg you juicin too?


HA. Nice try IPF Anti-Doping. You can’t prove shit. Passed Tests = Fully Natty Brah


perfect gif for this occasion. well done


aesthetics benefits are life-changing. Confirmed.

Now the question is how hard is it to maintain post-BnC. I’ve seen great physiques on IG of guys who pretend they stopped. 2nd question is - did they truly stop or do they mean “my TRT puts me at 900 ng/dl I’m fully natty brethren”

does it matter? i don’t see anything wrong with trt.