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What Made PE Fun?


What made PE fun, or if it wasn't, what would've made it fun for you?

Just curious about this question from others experiences.


faking i was sick, so i could sneak under the bleachers and making out with my 7th grade gf.



My PE teacher was hawt.




My PE teachers were, on the average, a bunch of sadistic, failed athletes, who hated their failed lives and took it on their student, hunting the weak as if they're still your average 5th-grade bully. Can you guess it was not fun? took me years to enter a gym on my own free will..



I also liked one we had called M*A*S*H which was akin to dodgeball but there were two doctors that could haul the "dead" kids back to the wall and they would be rejuvinated.


My teacher was a hot black chick in her early 20's.


Flavor Flav...


Not being confined to a classroom.


Soccer Baseball...all the exciting parts of both games, combined.


Good question, seeing as I am a very new PE teacher.

I hated PE because I was dyspraxic and pretty much sucked at everything. Of course, this was the 70s/80s when there was no such thing as dyspraxia and I was just thought of as clumsy and useless. I had the whole stigma of being last picked for any team game (or second to last if the special needs girl was there).

I found my own way to exercise, initially with jogging and then weights once I got to uni. Now, irony of ironies, I'm working as a PE teacher in a girls primary school. I had no experience when I started (I was qualified as a gym instructor) so it's been a huge learning curve. I actually started taking gymnastics classes myself so that I could teach the girls and realised that I'm not quite as bloody useless as I thought I was. I try to pass that on to the girls - I encourage them to do what they can and keep a positive attitude. Not always easy though because young girls can get very down on themselves.

If anyone does have any good tips for making stuff fun, though, I'd gladly hear them.


x over 9000


Escaping the slow paced atmosphere of a classroom...


Yay dodgeball! also flag football, kickball and badminton(hell yea)

what sucked? running on the track getting the mile timed, square/line dancing shit,


I did hate when they would do the annual fitness test. Making a 12 year-old try to do a chin up in front of 20 other boys and girls is wrong.
I'm talking about me of course.


I was better at calisthenics and running than the other bigger kids who always gave me shit, so it was nice to rub that intheir faces. Mostly, just being able to get out and move halfway between a day of sitting in classrooms was the best part.


Have to agree with MASH version of dodgeball :wink: Still, being the scrawny awkward and speech impedimented kid never really helped ANYTHING ;( So staying strong and healthy the last 35 years is my best revenge when those who used to cream me cant even stay with me any more :wink:.


Capture the flag, our teacher loved that game and when it was nice out, PE was like 2 hours. Sometimes we'd play from after lunch until 3 pm.


Tragically, a lot of schools have outlawed dodgeball in PE because it is "predatory".


Sucks really, because I was picked on it ultimately made me psychologically and physically (to a degree) tougher. By taking away play time we now have a 300% increase in obesity and 200% increas in diabetes over the last 20 years...American Medical society has coined a new term for it sadly "Dia-besity" how sad.