What are the reasons everyone got into bodybuilding?

well, i always lifted for hockey, although i was a retard and lifted like a bodybuilder when i was training for hockey, rather than lifting like an athlete. at first, i got addicted to everyone telling me how big i kept getting, so after i stopped playing hockey (different reason, long story) i decided to learn more about bodybuilding. the more i learned, the more interested i got, and now here i am.

forgot to mention that when i am in the gym, got the headphones blaring, and its just me and the iron, i am in a world that, although i cannot describe, im sure all of you know, and those 45 minutes with the weights are just…hell i cant think of a word to describe it, i’ll just say “incredible x 10”

Physique Enhancement…

I’m not into bodybuilding myself. I prefer weighttraining.

If I’m gonna work my ass off for a word, that word is “Poontang!”. Haha, among other things, working out makes me feel great, makes life more enjoyable, makes people treat you with more respect, and it’s more addictive than crack!

Cuz, I wanted to look strong and be strong. I wanted my physique to resemble something carved from marble - like a muscularly graceful Greek Sculpture. I’m an artist, so I think this way. I have a button that says “I AM my art”.

I’m short, and wanted to be strong… at 5’1" I’m not exactly imposing. I lifted in high school when I was running, and then I took lifting class in college and got an A (grin I didn’t get many of those!) and I was hooked. I also totally fall for built guys, so it’s nice to be able to hold my own physically grin even if I have to ‘lose’ a wrestling match.

ummm whats poontang

Bruce Lee! I was 12 when he died and he was my absolute hero. Back then there weren’t near as many dojo around like today(we’re talking about the south).So, I read every thing I could about him, hit my homemade bag and lifted weights. Never did take up formal study of the martial arts but still hit the iron and still love it.

It was a huge stress reliever in college, especially during finals week when everything was 20% of your grade or more and you wanted to hold onto as many scholarships as you could. IMO, I think lifting weights improves people’s bedside manor.

Initially, it was because I was the skinny kid, adn I got sick of it. As I learned and grew to love the iron, it has become a meditative act for me; I work out alone, only asking for a spot when needed…just me and the weights. I also that that consistantly trying to acheive a best or a peak is an admirable and healthy mental pursuit, regardless of the physical aspects. This piece by Henry Rollins embodies much of how I feel about training. Read: www.prism.gatech.edu/~gt1951a/iron.html

Got into weighttraing because it’s healthy, feels great, I’m as weak as …and when I was lean before I looked too runty (even more so than now).

All of my childhood heroes were big and muscular.I used to play with He-man figures… watch the WWF…Arnold and Stallone.I remember wanting to look like them.And now I do!:slight_smile:

I started weight training because I like to intimidate others. It is satisfying to impose your will on another person. If I am losing an argument, I always play the physical card. Therefore, I never lose.

Yeah, that was a major motivation for me, too…unfortunately, no matter how much I worked out, there’s always someone bigger and more built than me…so I bought a gun :slight_smile:

Interesting that my early history would have said that I would get into it much earlier than I did. When I was in jr. high I made a new school record for pull-ups and tied the record for dips (on the same day). But I got into track instead (my older sisters – never had any brothers – had all been in track). In high school, I started in track and basketball, but I always had this thought in the back of my mind to get as big as I could so no one would mess with me. Well, I quit basketball after two years and went out for cross country. Had decent success there, but my mind was in middle distance (track). And I still had that thought in the back of my mind – get big so no one will mess with you. In college I started out running long distance, got my weight down to 135 (at a height of 5’11"), but started getting running injuries. Went to the pool. Eventually got a bike, and started into triathlon training. Got pretty good at triathlon. After graduating and getting the full-time job, and still doing the full-on triathlon training, I realized I either needed to quit the job and go full-pro, or give up the aspirations of professional sports and back off the training. I went for just bike racing. Fast forward several years – I’ve shelved the bike racing, and am now weight training (for the last 4 years I think). I’m FINALLY trying to get as big as I can. I’m at 205 now. But it’s for a different reason. I KNOW I’m going to put on some fat, so I want as much muscle mass as I can get so that when I DO get back to riding more (and maybe even giving triathlon another go), the fat will come off fast.

I was simply sick of being the “fat kid.” All of my life I was fat, from a fat family, and felt fat. I was a pretty good football player and lifted for that (I even played a year at college, be it a small one). Once I quit playing and being in college, I got up to 230 pounds and probably 30%BF. Everyone was commenting on it. By chance, I went to Italy and lost 20lbs. I liked that everyone treated me better, espeically women, and especially good looking ones. Joined a gym and simply played with the weights. About a year ago, I did the (gasp) Body for Life program through my gym. It worked to cut me down to 215 and 12%BF. I used it as Bodybuilding 101 and T-mag as my 500 level course. Point is, not the fat kid anymore.

I got into it because my penis was always huge and I had to get bigger to make my body proportional to my penis! No ok nevermind… I’ve always known a lot of people that lifted weights and well when I was really young my brother got a home gym for christmas. So he would lift here and there and I joined in with him. He quit after 2 months and I continued and still do to this day. I love lifting weights, plain and simple.

world domination… ok this next part may sound a bit gay… but I was watching Road rules or something like that and they were near a pool so the doods got undressed and so did the chicks and went for a swim. And I was like if that was me I’d be embarrased to go into that pool plus the chicks really dug the in shape dood(s). Then it kinda evolved into trying to be superior to everyone else I meet and eventually became who I am.