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What Low T Symptoms Did You Have?


Can you please share your symptoms of low testosterone ?? And how did these change after the treatment. I’m trying to evaluate if my symptoms are in fact related to
Low T or something else thus reading your intput will be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

All of the following can be resolved by TRT if done properly. Unfortunately most doctors have no idea what that means. E2 management is almost always needed for an optimal results. Doctors speak diseases and do not understand optimal.

Low-T problems that are resolved by TRT done properly:

  • fat gain
  • muscle loss and weakness
  • brain fog
  • some mood/depression problems - if hormone related
  • social avoidance
  • sexual performance issues
  • lack of libido
  • beautiful women look like art instead of objects of lust
  • dry skin
  • thin fragile skin
  • some types of adult onset acne
  • elevated cholesterol some times
  • elevated blood pressure some times

Many of the symptoms above can be caused by low thyroid function and in many?most cases here guys show up with both.

Can you please explain how it felt in your case to have a brain fog?? Was it related to your energy levels??

Brain fog is something that I always say is something that cannot be explained. But if someone has it they take that description as what they have.

Low mental energy and lack of clarity of thought. Can be low-T, low thyroid function or both.

I guess I have hard time to decide if feel like that because of fatigue or brain fog. How was your fatigue level ?? Did you feel sleepy and “‘fogy’ ?? Even after whole night of sleep ?

For me prior to starting TRT it was just lack of motivation, weight gain (about 10 lbs in one year), moodiness, muscle loss…from lack of wanting to workout…and just knowing something was off.

I never lost the sex drive and have always been antisocial.

I about a month into my treatment and so far my energy level is up. Some of that is from the HCG. I can feel it about 6-8 hours after taking it and then feel it when it is “running out”.

My sleep is a bit better, but I have always been a VERY light sleeper so I was hoping TRT would bring in better, sounder sleep for me. So far that is not happening.

I know some on here claim it takes months to feel a difference. But everyone is different and respond differently.

I have a very clean system…I don’t smoke, use drugs, am on no meds other than TRT, do not drink coffee, sodas, energy drinks, alcohol, rarely eat out, and have a fairly good diet.

My point is I am pretty sensitive to my body and can feel changes pretty quickly and what the change is doing.

If you are questioning that you might need TRT, then you probably do. Listen to your body.

Find a good doctor that understands TRT is a whole other discussion.

Good luck to you.

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For me it was years of virtually no progress in the gym. No increases in strength or muscle mass. I would essentially do mini bulking phases followed by mini cutting phases that pretty much amounted to gaining fat and then losing the fat. I was very emotional at times. I knew something was wrong when I would just break down crying because of songs on the radio. I felt like a spectator and couldn’t even understand why I was crying. What caused me to seek help was the sexual side effects rearing their ugly head. No libido. I would go 2 weeks at a time where I couldn’t get an erection at all. When I could I’d have to wait at least 2 days before I tried again. I had severe joint pain because my estrogen disappeared. All of these symptoms have disappeared since starting trt. I wish I would have started sooner.

It looks like for both of you it was not a fatigue issue. Did anybody experience actuall physical fatigue ??

I had horrendous brain fog when I scored between 119-225 ng/dL, but what made it was was my super low estrogen, joint pain, popping and clicking joints, zero erections, zero muscle mass, fatigue from hell and anemia. Became winded on a single flight of stairs.

Brain fog so bad I couldn’t even follow my favorite TV shows and would stare at the walls all day. What made it even worse is I was withdrawing off Klonopin after 30 years and is why I’m on TRT, sleep was non existent.

I’ve found out that I sleep better the higher my Test and estrogen levels, slept too much in the 800 ranges when estrogen was high. Estrogen levels are tied to sleep quality. Now my muscles are hardening and strength is increasing, brain fog is gone. Working memory, spatial memory are all greatly improved.

50mg twice weekly is still to low for me, inconsistent sex drive, however injecting EOD is a different story. Just can’t control Test and estrogen on any dosage even though I’m low SHBG, feel better on two injections a week.

In my case I sleep like a baby I just can’t wake up:) e2 never been my issue at least before starting clomid. thank you for your reply! Glad your doing so much better