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What Levels Should I Get Checked/How Often?

Hi I’m running a Test E, Decca and Dbol kick start cycle for 14weeks.
What levels should I make sure I keep an eye on? I want to stay as safe as possible.

Total E
Total test

  1. What else would you recommend?
  2. How often should I get blood work, each month?

Any of your knowledge will help.

Btw cycle is
500 test e
300 decca
20 diol kick start first 3 weeks since I was only able to get 40 pills 10mg a piece.

No need for Total E IMO. Yes on Cholesterol, should include a lipid panel and liver enzymes since you are running Dbol. Get bloods mid-cycle and then after your PCT is over. I see you have nothing listed for PCT or AI…

Make sure to get LC/MS/MS assay and not ELISA.

Yes to both. Maybe every 6 weeks?