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What Level Did You Start TRT At and How Did It Change You?


That’s a tall family on your wife’s side for sure.


One of my grandfathers was 6’2" as well which is probably why I have 2" on my father.


I started 4 weeks ago, my 5th shot will be tomorrow. My level was 236 at age 35 (just turned in December yay getting old). Currently have me on 100mg once a week of T Cyp. Going back to the doc this weekend to have my E checked and T levels checked and asking about HCG to maintain the possibility of having children, if my partner can deal with the Dysphoria it would cause.

Good luck man!


Certainly part of being self reliant is going and asking questions and seeking help from others rather than sitting around whining about how no-one is helping you. I would argue that what some see as toxic self reliance isn’t a form of true self reliance at all but pure dysfunction.

I do believe that a large percentage of those that flourished in the newly inhabited parts of the west were the types that were inclined to do or attempt to do for themselves whenever it was possible rather than throw up their hands or wait for help. You could call that hardiness I guess which includes many traits of which some might call self reliance. There were certainly probably a lot more Shawn James mountain man extreme self reliant types drawn to those areas. Even back then though you needed to trade and barter at the very least which made you dependent on others to a certain extent.


Talk to him about injecting FSH, no need to complicate your TRT protocol. FSH is much more effective at increasing sperm, can be expensive and is why many doctors do not mention it.


My dad hates that I’m taller than him haha.