What Level Did You Start TRT At and How Did It Change You?

I’m 24 I started at 265ng/dL I had low t and never had any cycles behind me. I do feel guilty to be on for being so young tho… what levels did you guys start at? Just want to remind myself of why I should be on
Thanks for the support guys

That’s pretty low. I’m 41 and when I started my total T was mid 200’s.

That being said, just because you have low T in and of itself does not necessarily warrant TRT. Have you had labs that would give any indication as to WHY you have low T? Full Thyroid and Hormone blood work?

I started TRT after learning I had a Total T of 120 ng/dL, Free T is the more important test because this is the free hormone circulating in the blood. In the last 10 years doctors have been seeing a larger number of young men with low testosterone, before then they were seeing men in their 40-50’s with low testosterone.

When all the data is compared, testosterone levels have been declining for decades. Fertility is also on the decline and it’s thought that in 2040 men in modern civilization we be unable to have kids.

We need more labs than just Total T, we need Free T, SHBG, estrogen to name a few.

Not to be Mr Conspiracy Theorist, but I believe that this is by design.

Look at commercials on tv. Every one of them just about is advertising bad food and big pharm. pushing the latest miracle pill with more side effects than you can count.

And we all wonder why we feel like shit.

The only recourse is to slap these companies with lawsuits to force change, look at how unhealthy our population is today.

The desire for more money has a way of blinding people.

I feel like those businesses are just cashing in on the problems that are out there. Fast food aside of course because that shit has been around for a long time and not the CAUSE of all of these hormonal issues causing obesity. The real culprit here is industry and the chemicals they use in our everyday products that slowly chip away at our endocrine system via EDC (endocrine disrupting chemicals)in everything from plastics we drink and eat out of to the flame retardants in mattresses we sleep on and the health and beauty aids we all use (deodorant, cologne, makeup, hair products etc). We are inundated. We are also coming off of the generations (along with all noted above) that had no issue smoking and drinking through their pregnancies.

I can’t blame pharma because they are just answering the call in most cases (no forgiveness for lobbying though) and doing business. Their business is to make money.

I was at 245 down from 340ish over the last 5 years. I started about 18 months ago and am now 47.

Its not to change anytime soon. They American Psychological Association declared masculinity a problem for men and boys

21 when I started, levels were in the low 200’s. I plan to blast and cruise in the future though.

This gets under my skin, would they prefer we all undergo sex changes or chemical castration? Masculinity is a biologic trait, it’s one of the things that makes men… Men.

What if I said femininity is a problem for females… Sounds retarded doesn’t it.


Me too brother. Complete stupidity


320 ng/dL. 33 years old. Like you I had low T quite young and didn’t seek treatment for that reason.

250-290ng/DL, with the lowest test (private) being something like 150ng/DL. Started when I was 16 I think.


#IWantToTryMalvaPudding because of @unreal24278

Now to op.

I started at 41. I feel mine happened acutely. I never measured my testosterone b4 probably because my dick was working.

I got hot flashes, severe ED , insomnia, high bp over a 4 week period. Testosterone measure in 200s 2x and 380 1x. Went on trt after pituitary MRI and testicular ultrasound. I believe I have some primary and secondary hypogonadism. One of my testicles has a heterogeneous echotexture. And I believe that one is not making testosterone. I wonder if unreal ever researched this. :grin:

I sometimes think i want to see if I can restart and make my own but at 42 I think I will stick with injections.

Btw at 42 I finally have a full mustache. Lol. Bring my e2 was low probably for years my lower back feels so much better on trt

Don’t. No reason to suffer needlessly.

I started TRT at age 59 with a total test level around 330. It’s been six years now. Wish I had done it at 49, maybe sooner.

What??? Seriously? Anywhere I can read about this?

Never mind, damn…

Yeah I just saw that on the news. What a fucked up world we live in.

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Haven’t researched this specifically per se, but I have researched various conditions that can cause this to the testicular region.

Also you should try malva pudding, I can give a nice recipie.


3 cups flower
4 teaspoons of baking powder
1 and 1/4 cups of brown sugar
4 eggs
Tiny bit of salt
1.5 cups of milk
4 cans of evaporated milk
6 tablespoons of apricot jam
4 tablespoons of melted butter

Then there’s the sauce that goes on top (THIS IS CRUCIAL)

4 cups of brown sugar
Some vanilla essence (idk like 25 ml)
4 cans evaporated milk
4 cups of boiling water

Put the flower, baking soda, sugar, apricot jam and butter into a bowl, mix thoughouly, then add all the other ingredients (not the sauce ingredients)

Heat oven to 350 degrees and cook for 25-30 mins

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Now you have malva pudding (it’s REALLLLY bad for you but it’s amazing)

@flipcollar @chickenlittle @physiolojik malva pudding recipie. If you make it right it melts in you’re mouth and it’s better than sexual intercourse (just kidding… Well it depends on how much you like food, I find it’s pretty high up there on things that make me happy lol)

If you like alcohol you can put Bailey’s or kahlua on the pudding too, however this makes the delecacy even worse for you. I prefer it without booze but both are nice.

Tell me more man. ultrasound can not detect if testicle is producing testosterone. But Doppler did say blood flow was fine. I know orchitis is a possibility. What triggered the scan was a pain i had. I just believe that testicle whether it be because leydig cells are dead or just because the echotecture is not homogenous - it is not working.

also, thank you for the recipe. I will let you how it comes out and maybe take a pic too.