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What Lead You to T-Nation?

Hi all,

i was wondering where you guys, and gals heard about t-nation.

please share your personal experience.

I’ll start

I was at a sports camp over the summer about 4 years ago (I was in high school).

this camp was held at Cornell University.

the strength and conditioning coach there recommended a few websites, and t-mag.com was one of them. Ive been hooked ever since.

Paul Chek…

I was looking for andro and this site popped up…

I first heard about T-Nation from the Men’s Health message board. Unfortunetly for them I no longer post on their board. Who has time when you have T-Nation to read? :slight_smile:

good question, 3-4 years ago when T-Nation was a paper mag ( testosterone ) it was on the newstands at the library at my college I bought it, and the informations in it where the opposite of everything I’ve red on the nutrition and training subjects so far! It was truly fascinating. Then the magazine dissapeared and 6 months ago my friend phil ( xomegaxprimex on the T-Nation board ) told me about the website, I was reading a bunch of good sites but I gave T-Nation a shot, so now its 85% T-Nation and 15% other sites. I still can’t believe this site is free! Keep up the awesome job!

I found it way back in 1998. I was just searching for Bodybuilding sites and it popped up.

This was way back when they had a weekly Friday night publication.

I was an avid reader of Lou Sculer’s web log a couple of years ago. After the first time he mentioned and linked to this site, I was hooked.

well I had come across it a few years ago but for some reason the only article I kept fidning was CT’s slide push-ups article and I was like" this is crap I wanna get big" so I would also go back to other sites. After awhile i got fed up I could easilly give info and I learned things but I knew there was more. This was the same time(bout 5 months ago) that I graduated with a marketing degree but wanted to be a strength coach so I started searching for more knowledgeable sites to learn the sweet sciene. I bought Poliquin’s Winning the Arms race and the little bit of science he mentions hooked me. So I came back to T-Nation and I’m greatful ever since

My boyfriend is a T-mag freak, and at first I didn’t understand his addiction. Then the more I wanted to know about nutrition, fitness, etc., the more I became addicted since T-mag supplied it all.

I downloaded IronTrainer Pro to keep track of my workouts. Seeing as how I didn’t know about T-Nation yet, I was searching blindly for some type of workout routine, and they had some samples on their website. All of them were either on T-Nation or written by Ian King, so I started reading and got hooked.

i wanted to know about bodybuilding so it led me to another site - where after a couple weeks a John Berardi article led me here.

One of the trainers at works fitness center used to compete in strongman competitions…and when I started training for my 1st powerlifting competition, he pointed me towards T-Nation for a few Dave Tate articles.

then I started reading the other nutritional articles and I felt it was the 1st time that “it all made sense.”

I had be researching and researching and I had come to many of my own conclusions…most of which were already stated on T-Nation.

Had all the old paper mags,then they just went away.One day,just by whim,I typed in TestosteroneNation,and got my old friend back

freshman year of college I wanted a new ab routine and googled something about bruce lee and abdominal training, I found an interview here (issue 152 if I’m correct) in which Shugart interviewed Pavel and the guy mentioned bruce lee and isometrics. I started snoopin around the site and have been hooked on Testosterone.net/T-mag.com/T-Nation.com since 2001, my have things changed!

Men’s Health message board who have since lost me. I believe it was a link to JB’s Massive Eating article when it first came out, if I’m not mistaken.

John Berardi’s site. And this place (T-Nation) is a addiction. And hella motivating

My friend/mentor led me here. When I was like 13 or 14 I had a crappy diet and didn’t know what I was doing with lifting, and he printed me off some articles and gave them to me, and at the bottom of them was the website address. So I figured I should go there, and here I’ve stayed ever since.

MM2K was good…switched to MM, then went soft… found an article by Poliquin in Mind & Muscle Power that lead me to T-Mag in Dec. 1998 or 1999? Can’t remember now. It was after only a few issues of T-mag had been posted.

I was looking information on steroids. T-Mag’s first paper issue had come out and I bought a subscription starting at issue 2. Back then you got a six-issue subscription, a T-shirt and a poster for $29.00. Been around here ever since, back then I posted as Jeff.

I came across Mike Mahler from a martial arts magizine, then I searched for his writing in Google, which brought me to some Kettlebell websites and, of course, T-Nation.

Geek boy