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What Languages Do You Speak?


I feel threatened by all of you multilingual people. I can barely speak American as a consequence of my Pittsburgh upbringing. People from the Northeast think I’m from Alabama, and people from the South think I’m drunk all the time. Great fucking combo.

If you don’t know what Pittsburghese sounds like, here’s a great example:

That’s basically how I sound when noises come out of my face hole.


@Steel_Nation that’s hilarious!!!



Thanks for posting the full article.

^ This is the game in question I assume.

The game does not make the article justice.
It reads like if there ever was a point where Carlsen could have felt at least some discomfort, or that white had an advantage at some point.

Sounds too much like Tim Ferriss and other people who are very good at marketing and hype. “Learn enough so that outsiders won’t be able to tell the difference.”

^ I prefer the arguments of this book which depicts biographies from well-known geniuses.

Hard work trumps all… there are no miracles… yada yada yada.
But we already knew that, so one of the given examples with Mozart is, and I paraphrase:

Early work was made by his father.
Once he started to compose his own stuff, the results were rearrangements from other composers of the time.
His first recognized, original and good work was made when he was 21.
By then he had accumulated more than a decade of experience.

I do however believe that there are more optimal ways to learn than standard.
In the topic of language learning, this method looks quite interesting.
ALG (Automatic Language Growth)


That’s how I find people when I’m in other cities.


You’re welcome. I don’t know enough about chess to understand the discussion there. Yes, that’s the game they’re talking about.

@ the book recommendation. Thank you, manuelp. It sounds like he covers people like the Bronte sisters. I’m in. That sounds like a fascinating book.