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What Lab Work is Needed?

Hey Guys,

I need to get my first lab work done after starting TRT a few months ago. I have increased erections, ups and downs, increased hair growth, very minimal reduction in fatigue/brain fog (initial comnplaint). Overall, I’m not feeling a huge improvement. I’m currently injecting 60mg cyp e3.5d

I have an East Side Clinical lab slip that I can write whatever I want on for lab testing. So far I have total T, free T, and estradiol. What else should I have checked? I looked at the list in the sticky and these seemed like the most important. List from the sticky is here:

Labs to be done when on TRT
-FT or bio-T
-Implications of injections VS transdermals [and injection frequency]
-Prolactin [optional and almost never on-going]
-DHT [should be checked, but perhaps not on-going]
-LH/FSH [optional and one last time -do I have cancer?]
-DRE: the dreaded digital rectal exam [Your doc does not enjoy this either!]



Estradiol sensitive
Free t3
Free t4
Reverse t3
Total t
Free t
Metabolic panel

PSA at your age is considered not-needed.

Your other thread still needs body temperatures. Most guys who come here have some degree of non-optimal thyroid function. Do not assume that this does not apply to you. Thyroid can affect energy, mental focus and libido etc, even when TRT is perfect. Your complaints seem to not be addressed.

Please take this back to your first thread so your case does not become fragmented. Just Started TRT, Up and Down