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What Kind of Workouts are you Guys Doing?


I haven't been on here in a while and I'm just curious what kind of workouts you guys are getting yourself into lately?

I'm doing a modified EDT routine at the moment myself. The snow just started falling here so I'm sure people are going to be running for the gym soon.


I have been doing CT's Destroying Fat program for about 5 weeks.

Once I lean out (yes, I know, I'm only 185, I don't care, I'm still doing it) I am going to start WSB3 and be more careful about what I eat.


the lift heavy + multiple sets + sweat + yell + progress program

has been working good for about 1.5 years now


Yeah you can't let other people decide what you want for you.. If you want to be lean you will be haha.


Haha nice.. I've worked out with guys like you in the gym.. letting out yells, tossing the dumbbells to the ground. Keeps things lively.


Nothing fancy. I call it the "Lift more weight than last week" program.


Starting Strength for the majority of the year, Texas Method and Coan-Philipi for a little bit. Starting Wendler's 5/3/1 on Monday.


Sounds progressive


Rippetoes SS, seeing some lovely gains.


My PT at the gym set me up with a newbie program. Basically, a total body workout, some compounds and 2 sets of 15 reps in weeks 1-3. Weeks 4-6, move up to 2 exercises per body part, bit less rest between sets. Weeks 7-9, focus on hypertrophy- 3 sets of 12, and weeks 10-12, go for strength- 4 sets of 6.

I'm enjoying it so far. Bit crazy to see muscles growing so quickly, but I'm looking long-term anyway. Gonna see what I'm like next Xmas before I start messing around and doing my own thing.