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what kind of snake

I am wanting to buy a snake, but the thing is I don’t know what species to buy. A friend of mine told me to buy a king snake and I am have started to lean towards them, because I think they are very beautiful. What do you suggest. Keep in mind that I am a student and can’t afford anything that has to eat a lot, and this my first snake to own. Thanks.

Buy a coral snake it looks almost exactly like a king snake. Heheheh. Okay don’t do that cause…well they’re kinda poisonous. (and I’m sure not for sale) Red bell snakes are cool. They’re super tiny snakes that can basically wrap around the end of a pencil lead. I don’t know though I don’t own any snakes. :slight_smile:

Your last sentence should tell you what kind of snake to buy, really none, if you can’t afford to feed it, and some snake need a mouse once a week or once every two weeks, and the smaller one may need pinkies and fish, but remember also, if they are use to their food alive and they’re not hungry, now you have to keep the food alive, or if the snake kill the food and doesn’t eat it you screwed, will the snake eat a dead mouse, anyway a small snake or large need a lot of TLC, a place to live with a heating rock 24/7, vitamins, check ups, yes fo mite and little critters that like to live between their scales, shit you can go crazy with the stuff they need, How about a picture of a snake…just kidding, Hope you want the snake to be your ice breaker in the street like I see these asshole holding ball pythons wrapped around their neck and chic like they are so col to find out later ball pythons are the most harmless constricter around, yes harmless, when scared they roll up ino a ball, sure a King snake, your not taking him out to impress the chics, they make you look like a jerk when it bit you and your chic friend,lol…how about a retic python, don’t pisss them off, Please what ever you do do use the snake to compesiate your lack of self esteem. Get a snake you really enjoy them and respect them. Star off with a candian ribbon snake, very easy to take of and fun to watch,

mako is right about them being high maint. We had a python untill she got too big. For us that was 6’. They need a lot of TLC for sure, and have no personality. I suggest you set up a terrarium and get some poison toads if you want a conversation piece type of pet. Easy and cheap. You can buy all you need in one trip to a large pet store. Fun to watch them eat (crickets), cheap, and they screw constantly. Plus they sing at night.(Not like bullfrogs, more musical, much softer) Good low maint pets.

A picture of a snake. Ohhhhhh that’s classic. Hahah. :slight_smile:

How about a pant snake?

“G’day, I’m Steve Erwin, and today, we’re gonna look at the rare Australian White Pant Snake. Crikie, Terry, watch out, me pant snake’s coming right for ya!”

I started out with a Corn snake then moved to a Ball Python. The others are correct that if you are just getting it to be cool it is a lot of work for cool. There are things you can do that make it easier but it is still quite difficult sometimes. Also it is not a matter of if you will get bit it is a matter of when you will get bit. If you are afraid of that do not buy a snake.

Big snakes are expensive. I had a python until it was 6’6" and stronger than me. The only thing I can really suggest is a garter snake on a limited budget. If you want something a little cooler (if that’s the effect your going for) scorpions look really cool and under a black light they glow irradescent purple.

Sigh~ we aren’t allowed to have snakes in paradise.

If you get a cobra and treat it VERY kindly, it’ll eventually get to where you can pat it on the top of the head and it’ll bite you and you’ll die.

You’re poor. Go outside and catch yourself a snake. Then you can have your own pet. I almost stepped on a coral snake this past weekend and almost stepped on a black racer yesterday. See that? I had two chances to catch a new pet! You can do it too!