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I didnt want to hijack the other thread about the Fury but I have been using a single-ply Inzer EHPHD shirt> I get probably 30-40 lbs out of the shirt. No problems using it other than it tears the hell out of my under arms. Anyway, at my last meet almost all the big benchers had denim shirts. A few guys I talked to were getting 100 lbs out of their shirts. Going from the single ply inzer what kind of shirt should i “graduate” to: denim, double ply, phenom, etc. etc. etc.

You may as well go the double denim route, as long as you’ll be lifting in feds that allow it. Karin or Inzer should be fine. The price is similar. Get an open back w/velcro. Much easier to manipulate.

Steve Coppola has some good thoughts on why to go the DD route. If he doesn’t respond, I’ll try to dig up one of his quotes.

Also, don’t listen to what Goldberg has to say about shirts. He got screwed. hahahahaha

Yeah dont get my opinion on the DD just yet.

Goldie- what happened bro?

You can’t go wrong with a fury.Iv’e tried several shirts with not much sucsess.Then i ordered the regular fit titan fury.Out of the package in my first workout i got a 60 lb.increase form my raw bench with some pounds to spare.It has a semi stretchy back which makes it much eaiser to get on and off but doesn’t hinder it’s efectiveness.If you order from titan they take a chest,shoulder and arm measurement instead of just a chest measurement from some of there other distribitors.I feel i will get 80 to 100 lbs. from this shirt once i break it in and work with it.

I think Im gonna try the double denim next.

Any other feedback?

I have personally used the Inzer single ply poly in several meets which gave me 25-30lbs or so. I tried a Karin Double Denim, but that shirt is more for belly benching. If you can get the big arch going, or, have a big gut, then that is the shirt for you. Most of the Metal Militia guys use it.

As I am leaner than most powerlifters, and have always benched like a bodybuilder, at the suggestion of Mike Miller from nazareth Barbell, I have switched to an Inzer Double Denim. This shirt allows me to bench to the lower chest like I always have, yet get some of the positive carryover from the Double Denim style. I am still finding the “groove” of the shirt as I have been using it for less than three weeks. But I am already getting a better carryover with it Vs. the Inzer poly. As far as what carry over you will get, everyone is different. I train at Nazareth Barbell and most of the guys and gals get 50-150lbs from the Karin…YES, I said 150lbs more Vs. their raw bench!!! It gets frusterating for me as I am a strong raw bencher…and get shit for a carryover…mostly because I have not mastered the Double Denim yet. I know Mike Miller has a 600lb or so raw bench, and has done 760lbs with the shirt. There are others there that get huge carryovers as well…more the norm than not. Hope this helps.

How much of the carry over is Psychological? are the big boys just more apprihensive when not using a suit and lifting these madaz poundages?
(never benched in a shirt, by the way)

I could see a small psychological carryover in some cases. But when the average carryover is 100+ pounds, it’s the shirt.

Get the Karin Kline Double Denim with the V back and the Gen2 fabric. Karins shirts are the best!

And I disagree that the denim is only for benchin to the belly for guys with a big arch or are fat. I am fairly lean 230 with zero arch in the lower back and the KKDD works great for me. The big thing is keeping those elbows tucked into your sides. If you let them flare you miss the lift. I am getting well over a hundred pounds out of my shirt and I am a low 600 bencher.

What do you think the differences are between the Karin DD and Inzer DD. I am not a “belly bencher” but in a meet i need to get the bar down low to touch so im probably hitting the top row of abs. But like you swollen I am failry lean as power-lifters go (no big gut).

It seems like everyone prefers the Titan Fury over the Inzer Phenom. Does anyone like the Phenom?

Inzer’s a dick; therefore, I’m boycotting any Inzer products.

For a DD, I’m getting a Karin; however, I will be getting a Titan Fury since so many have been getting really good results out of Titan’s shirts. And for $85? Damn, not bad.

I just got my titan fury in the mail today… going to give it a try wensday, so keep a eye on my log…i am hopeing it works as well for me as it has with others… cause boy do i suck in a double denim…big martin

Big Martin
Let me know how the FURY works!

gabe…i will…this is a size 50 i am going to use for training it will probally take me 6 max effort workouts with it of various boards and foam to see if i am going to go with it at my meet in april…if i decide i like it i will order a custom 48 for my meet shirt…

kevin- i know some lifters that swear by the phenom i personally have never used it…big martin

Big M.
Where did you send for your fury?
I know if you send to titan they take a chest, shoulder and arm measurement which is pretty much custom.I know some dealers have just a standard chest size on there furys with no other measurements.I have an inzer double d.but like the fury a lot better.I think you’ll like it once you get use to it.

steve…i got mine form safe usa great and fast service…i used it for the first time today and like you said ill have to get used to it…if i do ill order a custom tighter one for meet…big m

Keep us updated on the Fury…please.