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What Kind of Program to Do Next?

Been doing lots of 5 rep work for a while now. Increasing sets, decreasing sets, changing the intensity etc etc. (Quite alot of Pavel stuff).
Anyone point me in the direction of a good program or help me out with 1mainly want to concentrate on the big 3,pullups/chinups and military press? Looking to put on some serious muscle and strength.

That is not the big 3 but nothing wrong with those exercises. Squat, bench, and deadlift would be the big 3. Depending on your weight and how much you can military press you may want to try handstand pushups. They can be really intense.

no man i meant the big three squat,bench,Deadlift and also pullups/chins and some overhead work.


get on the train and ride it

I effed up my leg awhile back and was only able to do upper body for several months and wanted to focus on those same things so what I would do is start each workout with a pressing movement and then do 2 different back movements, and then finish with a few accessory moves and get out of the gym. I would lift 4 days a week and try to keep the volume up (3-5 sets of 10-15 reps usually with a drop set incorporated) Now I am working sq and dl back into the picture.

for pressing I would rotate flat bb bench, incline bb bench, incline db press, close grip bench, and over head work (standing, seated, bb, and db). Then for back I would do pullups at least once a week and chins at least once a week. The rest was db rows, machine rows, lat pulldowns, shrugs, etc. (hang cleans would be good too, but my leg couldn’t handle those at that time).

Accessory work was tricep pressowns, skull crushers, various curls, face pulls, and lateral work (front, side, and rear).

Like I said, I have started to do squats and dl again so lately I have been doing circuits of squats, chins, and then dips. Shoot for 5 rounds of 10-12 reps and you wont feel like doing much else. I am still rehabbing so I am focusing on higher reps with lower weight (yesterday I did 5 sets of 10 with 135 on the squat- just concentrating on depth and pushing with my “bad” leg and then worked up to a set of 315x10 on the dl).

As I add back in sq and dl, I will be cutting back on my pressing a little bit.

I know it is not a complete program but it may give you some ideas (I don’t follow programs anyway, I just have an outline of what I want to do and make it up as I go)

Good Luck


What are your training goals? Play any sports?