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What Kind of Physical?

What kind of physical should I get? My insurance covers 1 physical any kind a year. I normally just get a work physical they check cholesterol levels,vitamins & EKG. Very basic. Should I ask for t-levels, if so is there one test that’s superior than another? Also any other suggestions.

As far as test levels, if you get that checked, ask to have your free test checked not your total test. Or you could do both.

Free test is the most important though because it actually tells you how much testosterone is actually available to be used in your blood stream. It’s always nice to know both though.

Ok. thank you. Will definitely do.

You may also want to have your estradial (estrogen) and lutenizing hormone checked. The estrogen is obvious, but the lutenizing hormone is what tells your balls to make testosterone. It’ll help to have those numbers just in case your T levels come back low.

Hopefully you’ll come back with a good number though!