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What Kind of Periodization is This?


Does anyone know what this type of periodization/setup is called?

In this example I’m just using full body workouts (each day -A vs B vs C- is different) and straight forward reps/sets for the sake of simplicity. Each week the daily workout stays the same as last week, but the sets/reps shift to the next day in the schedule. After 3 weeks, the progression repeats at Week 1’s setup.

Week 1:
Day 1 - Full body A - 5x5
Day 2 - Full body B - 3x12
Day 3 - Full body C - 4x8

Week 2:
Day 1 - Full body A - 4x8
Day 2 - Full body B - 5x5
Day 3 - Full body C - 3x12

Week 3:
Day 1 - Full body A - 3x12
Day 2 - Full body B - 4x8
Day 3 - Full body C - 5x5


Just from the information given it seems like its meant to be a heavy day, light day, and medium day every week. Other programs do this (see Madcow 5x5) but typically keep the same number of sets and reps and alter the weight used. What is the progression of weight handled supposed to look like?


Yes a heavy/medium/light day but the loads change week to week. I kind of got the idea from daily undulating periodization, the difference being that in my setup I’m not using the same lifts 3 days a week in each workout.

As for load progression, itd probably just be based on using the heaviest weight for a rep range as opposed to how I wrote it here. So instead of 4x8 as above, it’d actually be 4x6-8. And I would refer to the last weights used on that day for that rep target from 2 weeks prior in my log book to know where to pick back up.


Did you write this setup yourself? What are you asking, just what this type of structure is called?


Yes I wrote it and am just curious if it has a name and/or is it really just a form of DUP.


Can you be more specific?

Actual exercice, load scheme.

Right now, it doesn’t look like anything, but a waste of time. But, I could he wrong.


Weekly undulating periodization, if your A B and C days stay the same in terms of movements and just the load/set/rep changes week to week.

But I don’t think it’s that important to give a name to it.


You’ll probably come away with second thoughts about your approach.


@tsantos They removed your elitefts link. But it came through my email so I checked it out, thank you.

There was an article I read about a study with daily changing loads that lead to more strength gain than linear and constant progression. Then I started writing the above progression just to see how I might experiment with the idea. If curious, Google “Eifler, Christoph. “Short-term effects of different loading schemes in fitness-related resistance training.” The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (2015).”


Thank you for the help. And I agree the name isn’t important, but I wanted to know for my own edification.