What Kind of Oil to Cut my Test?

hey guys, i have a 10ml vial of test ace thats 200mg/ml. i want to pick up a stirile sealed vial, BB, and usp oil to delute the testosterone i have, making it 100mg/ml. the concern i have is will this be a pain in the ass? i dont know what kind of oil is most prefered for my needs and im wondering if it will be an issue if the oil i add to delute the test i have will sink to the bottom of the vial and i wont get an accurate dose. or should i load it in the syringe pre-injection. lets say add BB to the oil, and load .5cc test with .5cc stirile oil. -would that be better in terms of dosing? the oils ive found are cottonseed, grapeseed, and sessameseed. all filtered with a .22. thanks for anyone’s input

The oil will mix completely: there won’t be an issue of separation.

I’ve used standard Wesson oil (which is soybean) for about 12 years now and have never heard of a complaint from anyone else using it.

Awesome, thanks bill

ill look into those prices