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What Kind of Oats?


I'm considering adding oatmeal in my diet to get some extra calories. What kind of oats do you recommend? I've read that 'steel-cut' oats are the way to go, and to stay away from anything instant?

Also what kinds of brands are good? When googling I came up with McCann's Irish Oatmeal - are they any good?


Man, don't get all tied up with the oatmeal issue.

Get plain rolled oats or steal cut oats, it really doesn't matter THAT much.

Just make sure that oats are the one and only ingredient in the box.

Regarding brands, any brand shall do. Since you will be living off the stuff, don't get too fancy and buy a reasonably-priced brand. Oats are oats afterall.

I personally go for Quaker Oatmeal.


As far as instant, Quaker has a new kind called " Weight control" that has more fiber and protein than any other oatmeal. The cinnamon is pretty tasty and only has 1 gram of sugar.


Good advice right there. I tend to go to a natural food store (near me we have Wild Oats) and buy it in bulk. It ends up being a ton cheaper and I get like 6 lbs at a time, which I need since I eat the stuff every morning with Grow! and some frozen berries.

A lot of people get kind of worked up about steel cut oats as being the best, but I dunno. As long as you are not getting the kind in the little packets with all the extra sugar, I'm sure they are all fairly comparable.


I go to Sams Club and buy Quaker 100% raw oats in bulk. It is still quite a bit cheaper than the store brand at the grocery store.

Throw in a serving or two in my Grow! shake and it is yummy.



I just go with the huge mother box of Quaker from Costco.

I buy everything I can from Costco. Its the only way to eat this many calories and still have electricity.


I just like plain, rolled oats. Steel cut take too long to cook for me.


i eat oatmeal everyday. for me it's steel cut or nothing. tastes way better , digests way better, and is alot less work and hassle than rolled. mcann's are just about the best and most widely available. more expensive yeah but it's frickn oatmeal so how expensive can it really be ? not very. still you can buy steel cut bob's red mill or arrowhead mills for about half the price of mcann's. or if you're lucky you can buy 50 lbs at a time somewhere...pinhead oatmeal i think they call it. i wish i could get me some of that 'cause zippy is my favorite comic strip . anyway...

i soak them overnight. allyuo do is heat the water add the salt add the oats cover and shut it off. they're ready to go in the a.m.- a lot less work than rolled cause you don't have to watch or stir the pot at all, and clean up is just a rinse and a wipe cause nothing's frothing over or starchy crap clogging the sink. in the morning i usually leave em cold in the summer but even in the winter too 'cause they go down faster. if i'm upping the calories i put another pot on and it's ready when i get back afternoon. use a little extra water and leave it soupy for fast chugging or if you want to add GROW!


Quaker Old Fashioned Oats work fine for me.

You just want to avoid the oatmeal that has stuff added to it. Beyond that, I don't think it makes a big difference.