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what kind of look are you looking for?

I’m curious about this. What kind of look are you all looking for? The Mens Health kind of look, the 70’s bodybuilder kind (from Frank Zane to Arnold), or the freaky, bloated gut look pro bodybuilders have today?

I’d like to have a body “like” Frank Zane, though i suspect when i get there i will probably still feel i’m too small and will want more…

And you?

Concrete cylinder style like those old time strongmen.

I like powerlifters’, strong “get the fuck out of my way” look. The further I go, the more I appreciate strength too and care less about body fat and “fitness cover type” look. My current goal is to be 5 ft 11, 220 10 % bf. I am already 5 ft 11 ;-), and have probably 20 lbs of fat to lose and 20 lbs of muscle to gain in order to reach my goals. I hope to achieve all said by the summer 2003.

I guess the best way to describe what I am going for is BowFlex commercial guy, carrying a little more bodyfat, but not much, and a little more muscled in traps and trunk, especially. Tough question.

Zane, at about age 31. (There’s an awesome pic on his website…) Maybe a little bigger.

Anything that slightly resembles Arnold or Dave Draper would be fine by me.

I would love to look like Quincy Taylor.

I am 6-5 so it isn’t easy to find guys close to my height to shoot for. He is 6-4 though.

70’s bodybuilder look…definitely… i wish there was a sanctioning body that judged BB contests on the criteria of that look… i would compete them.

I’m with Drax.

jouk ahola.

Some of todays p[ros look.

Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Jay Cutler. They got some kick ass phisiques! They are the best looking! They got some muscle yet they donbt have big roid guts! And Arnie was bloated not some of todays guys!

I am looking for the Mens Health kind of look. The reason being is that I am very althetic and don’t want to be too stiff.

I’d be really happy with the Zane look. I think thats about as good as I can manage (even wth gear). I’m about the same height and weight now. Just need to add 15# lbm and loose 10# of fat.

I like that JMB look back in that t-mag staff photos edition. I specially like that black and white photo. Issue #162 the creation of a T-man.

Here’s a weird one … I want to look like I’m “fit” but that I don’t work out. You notice people who look muscled get no respect (“Sure, I’d look that way if I spent all my time in the gym”)? I want to look a little fit and a little strong. But I want to be brutally strong - golf-ball crushingly strong. Hence all my questions about avoiding hypertrophy but not being a powerlifter.

Good answers :slight_smile: Or how about Bill Kazmaier like in this pic http://www.mcshane-enterprises.com/ASL/images/Kaz/latspread.jpg Since I’m about 6’ if I could look like Hermann Goerner when he was around, I think I’d be doing ok.

I go for the Men’s Health type of look. Being really lean, flexible, structurally balanced, and in good cardiovascular shape is more important to me than my size or the poundage I can lift. Strength for me has come rather indirectly, and I want the size I have to be very functional. I’m an avid participant in boxing, running, rock climbing, surfing, and swimming. In a few years I plan on getting competitive in the shorter triathalons as well. The “get huge” mentality passed me by in high school as I realized I didn’t want to play professional football and that everyone already thought I was pretty big.

probably like Zane, or ben johnson… but maybe its just me but it seems that the mens health guys have been getting a bit bigger and arent tiny at all anymore

Can you (or anyone else here) give me the # of the “t-mag staff photo edition” issue? I’ve already read it a while ago, can’t find it now though.


That’s such a stupid question. Everybody looks different, and everybody’s muscles look a certain way. Its just a question of how big and how much fat you have. I think you should aspire to look like yourself.