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What Kind Of Laptop


I'm interested in getting a laptop but have no idea what to get.I'm mostly going to use it for surfing the net,downloading pics off my digi camera,downloading music,stuff like that.
Got any ideas?What is a good machine?


I have a Dell 9300 that I love. 17" screen , 1 GB of RAM, 100GB hard drive, Geforce 6800, 2 GHz Intel. I think the Inspiron 9300's are now dead, now it is the E1705, and it's 15 inch cousin is the E1505. If you search the internet there are lots of sites that have coupon codes for Dell's online store that can get you ridiculous deals. I bought mine with a $800 off coupon that I stumbled upon last summer. If you just like using it for multimedia and web surfing purposes lean towards more RAM and hard drive space, processing power isn't going to be a big deal and you dont need an expensive graphics card. Don't skimp on the batteries either.

Check out www.notebookforums.com, there is TONS of information there. I use it all the time to read about new drivers, software, and how to tweak my system.


Check out slickdeals.net for daily updates on GREAT deals on laptops (and other items) once you have an idea of what you want. Saved $70 on RAM for my comp thanks to those guys.



I too have a dell 9300, got it for 40% off, it's a bad ass piece of computery.

google this: "Dell coupon code"

you'll find all sorts of coupon codes to enter when you're looking for a comp. It also works if you throw down other brand names instead of Dell.


It seems like you need something simple. Just find a good deal. In addition to slickdeals.net, go to http://www.dealnews.com
You should just look for something with a good battery life and portable.


Just get a cheap one with a big hardrive if that's all your using it for. An external drive would be a good idea if you're going to be downloading a lot of stuff. How much do you care about portability? Are you just going to be leaving it on the desk most of the time?


The new apple laptops with intel chips are awesome, highly recommended.


They're overpriced for what they are. I'd go with something not marketed and marked-up by Apple.



They are all pretty good these days, for what you want to do, even a really low spec machine will probably suffice. The only really intensive thing you might want to do is tune into digital TV and record it, or process digital video files - that can take a bit of power but most laptops should handle it.

These things you should consider:
- it looks nice and it is comfortable to use, keyboard is good, pointing device (or mouse) is good
- a nice screen, 15" or more
- a pretty big harddrive but don't sweat it. They usually are not that big on laptops, but don't worry you can get a USB drive and just plug it in for data, they are pretty cheap. If you don't know what that is, it is a little harddrive that you plug into the USB port, it needs no power supply (gets it through USB) and you can easily get say 200gigs on these things. So don't bust your bank buying a laptop with an enormous drive
- get a DVD burner built in, very useful.

A really quality brand is Asus, they actually make most of the top quality laptops for other companies, but they do their own machines as well. They do not compromise on quality, in my opinion. And they are usually much cheaper than brandnames. But note I am talking about in Australia, I don't know what the situation is in the U.S.


Im a Sony VAIO guy, I really dig mine but its a power plant. It is one of the desktop replacements and I only get about 30 mins of battery time if Im lucky depending on what Im doing. My model is the PCG-K45 model, Im sure they've updated it by now.


Wow...lots of good info there guys,thanks.
Someone brought up portablity.I'd like to have a machine that is portable.What do I need to look for in that department?


Vaios are nice, but way overpriced if you ask me.

Do not buy a Gateway. Horrible customer service.

I went with a low-end Acer, which I use for my iTunes / iPod and basic internet usage. It works great and for the price I couldn't ask for more. They do have higher-end laptops also, and they are priced considerably lower than the Sonys, Toshibas, and IBM's. Go to one of these sites and check 'em out:

http://www.newegg.com (cheap 2 day shipping)

Dell also makes good laptops at decent prices if you can find the coupon codes.


The first question you need to answer is what is your budget.

Dell seems to have some of the best options for new low end laptops available right now.

You can get a new barebones Dell B120 for $499 after the $100 rebate.

The new Intel based MacBook Pro will cost you around $2000.

And there are all sort of options somewhere in between and beyond on the price scale.

For what you said your needs are, I'd suggest going more towards the low end to start.


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Sure thats what they can do when they are CONSISTENTLY rated the best laptops in all aspects.


I am against Dell for desktops for various reasons, however for laptops they are probably OK.

I also have an Acer in the house, quite pleased with its good price, big screen, big useable keyboard, very happy with it.

Keep in mind whether you want something that is

A. portable, meaning you are using it on the move


B. trans-portable, meaning you will take it from one place to another, set it up and use it.

Category A will be smaller, better power supply, cut back on the goodies and power consumption. Category B will be bigger usually.


prefeably a small blonde


You bring up a good question...will group "A" be more expensive than group "B"?And just how portable? Can it be used while in a moving vehicle?
Thanks for the advice so far everybody!