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What Kind of Job Could I Find?


I'm 19 with at least 3 years left of college before taking on a masters. I currently work as a dish washer for 8.00 an hour (min wage) and history shows it would be more than 2 years before any kind of raise even if I began training as a cook. I hate my job a solid 70% of the time and don't think I could do it for much longer.

I don't think it is standing all day long or the 8-10 hour shifts but being bored out of my mind and knowing it will be years till I make 8.50. I could be a cashier at cvs and make more from day one. I also work the afternoon shift from 3-?? and the half an hour ride home. If I work several days in a row I literally work, go to bed, wake up at 1 then show and go to work.

The biggest highlight of my day is when the cooks are busy and I get to make a pizza.
Ive already missed a nice opportunity not being able to work as a census enumerator (annoying people who knock on your door to fill out the census.) I died a little inside when they broke the news that the only training time was during the end of my college semester. 3+ months of 30 hours a week at 15.50+ .50 cents per mile driven flew out the window and haunted my dreams..they told me when they had called to check I still wanted the job..

So now I've recently become more miserable at my job, even though I enjoy working with the people I do. I am a bit nervous to try and get a new job but I know I should.

This is my first "official job" though Ive done many short time jobs, hell Id even go back to moving trash roof shingles during the summer if it meant 17$ an hour instead of dealing with the crap at work. Note: if you have a choice..never take that job.

So my real question is what would be a good job for me to pursue which I could earn more money for? I would go with just about anything. The question is what am i qualified for, I think I should dedicate some effort training for a better job. I would imagine my main options would be something like part of a clean up crew at a lawn care business (10-12$ an hour) or something else very labor intensive.

One hope is I was more or less offered a job at a company that manufactures cable wire, its supposedly very mechanical but I could be trained. I'm currently finding out more about it.


Not trying to be a dick but it sounds like you are a very qualified student and dishwasher. You didnt give much else to go on.

I would suggest checking to see what is available in your area instead of asking what you are qualified for. You may find you are qualified for something that no one is hiring for; or you may find a job in the area you are not qualified for....but the company has a training program.


ah no offense taken. I was thinking along the lines of what job could I begin by start an apprenticeship or something along those lines. I know im not qualified for much of anything atm. I would just like some ideas for what direction I should go in. I figure in the long run (3 years+) it would definitely play off to work my ass off for a few months and be paid more rather than waste time in a dead end job I hate.


What's your Masters going to be in? Maybe something related to that?


Do like nearly all college students do, wait tables. Depending on the location, you could make nearly 100/night if you can make people like you. I bussed tables during high school and make about 60-80/night in tip-outs from the wait staff, which was 1% of each waiters/waitresses tips so you know they were making some money.

Life is tough, but you'll survive.


Murder for hire!

In my experience dishwasher always make great killers


You can do just about anything you want at this point. Nobody is going to expect a whole lot, as long as you are forthcoming about your lack of experience.

None of it is going to be easy or pay well though. You gotta start somewhere.


There is no reason you should stay at a job for $8 an hour, I'd be out of there real quick if that's all I made. I'd also suggest waiting tables, I'll be looking into that once schools starts up again since working as a Bouncer really fucks me when school starts.

Speaking of, you could always try for a security gig. The appeal wears off eventually but it's a lot of fun for a long time, pays pretty well and it's something I'm glad I got to experience, although I've only worked in small time clubs.


IMHO, if you're not interning/part timing at a company in a field related to your degree trying to get some "real world" experience, you're wasting your time doing manual labor.

Even if this job is just for $$$ to pay for school...internships probably pay better than most manual labor.


If you definitely can't get into something in your field of study just yet, you have two good choices.

Either be a waiter (only if you're on your parents health insurance) or work for a large retail corporation that will give you good benefits and will give you starting pay of something like $11-12/hour, with regular raises. The second option will give you time and a half pay on sundays, also.

I am currently doing the latter to put myself through grad school, since I need my own health insurance. It can be rough, but doing manual labor for a large corporation with a union is a lot better than most alternatives.


I agree with the guys above: waiting tables would be an alternative. Eventually make the switch to bartending? Just don't schedule any 8:00 AM classes! If you can work up to an nice restaurant/bar in a few months it would be better than waiting two years for a 50 cent raise...

An apprenticeship or trade school will generally require you to work 2500 hours a year from six to two, fucking up your college schedule (the school being at night). Also, with the construction industry still down, it will take a few years before the trades start really hiring again.

a good option MIGHT be to be an executive assistant. Go to a BNI meeting or Chamber of Commerce meeting and ask for the opportunity to speak for 30 seconds. Wear a suit. When it is your opportunity to speak, address the group saying you are a college student, who is looking to assist a professional with the mundane, clerical stuff - from spread sheets to dry cleaning... You will do whatever they need to be done.

Showing THAT kind of outside the box thinking will most likely get someone to see some potential in you and give you a shot. One word of caution: BE PREPARED. Don't wing it. Professionals NEVER wing it.

Good luck.


Have you ever been to college? Internships are for college credit, not money. Also, he said he has at least 3 years left of undergrad, meaning he's basically a freshman. Not many places will hire before you have the degree, let alone when you're a freshman.


Get certified. Become a trainer. We have a trainer here who is doing his masters in Psychology, and only works about 20 hours a week and makes some good money doing it. Also, he can get clients to work around his schedule.

My argument is a little one sided though. My job is fucking awesome.


Def look into this...if this will not work, look into student work at your university. If anything it will give you a good reference for the future. At more larger institutions most offices rely on student workers b/c it is cheaper.


I got an internship after my freshman year that paid $12/hr.

If you are in a science/engineering field, try talking to professors about doing research for them. That usually pays $10-12/hr if you find a professor who pays his students. It's not as much money as you are looking for (is it ever?), but sometimes you have to bite the bullet for future benefits.


Known fact... AC was raised in Communist Russia. Keep that in consideration when reading any of his advice.


You were making 1% of sales. Not tips. Were it tips and your servers were making average money (120 a shift) you would need to have worked with about 50-60 servers during a given shift.

OP, Get a job barbacking if possible. I work in a night club two-three nights a week and 1 day(for inventory). My tip out is between 150-200 on a decent night up to 275 on an awesome night, plus hourly. It pays all my bills and is easy during school.

The only problem is there is no reason to quit being a barback unless A)you become bartender(which at my bar pays less than barbacking!) or B) you get a grown up job and are sick and tired of also giving up your nights (IE your over 25).

What this means is there is almost zero turnover. You either need to know someone, have good timing, or be incredibly persistent.

Regardless, get out of the back of house in restaurants. There is no money for anyone back there. Bussing, hosting, barbacking, serving and bartending all pay more.


Yes, OP, I thought of this right after I hit submit on this post. I tried to edit it to say "depending on your major" but it didn't go through apparantly. What is your major OP?



BNI is an awesome group.


Turd Taster.