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What Kind of Gains Can I Expect From This Cycle?

5’11, 190lbs, 45yrs, 5 years straight on TRT @ half CC of 200mg Test Cyp every 4-5 days, Dexa scan put me @ 17% body fat 32lbs fat tissue, 151lbs lean tissue and the rest bone mineral content. I train 5-6 days a week @45-60 minutes hard, Test Cyp is the only thing I have ever taken so far and I will be going on a 6 meal true bodybuilding diet when I start next week. I plan on running this cycle for 16 weeks (possibly 20 depending on how I feel and results).

600mg Test E per week (injecting 300mg Mon/Thur)
600mg EQ per week (injecting 600mg on Mon)
Adex 1mg x 3 per week (Mon/Wed/Fri)
And then adding HCG after week 8

I would love any honest feedback from people who have run similar cycles or have seen the results of others following like protocol. Please share your thoughts on what kind of strength gains, fat loss and muscle mass I can expect going 100%. Please and thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!