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What Kind of Fruit to Eat?


What kinds of fruit should I be eating each day and when should I be eating them? I usually have an apple every other day or say because I've always been told fruit just spikes your blood sugar and isn't that good for your physique.


There is nothing wrong with fruit. If you're looking to lose body fat, then yeah, you'd probably want to have a higher ratio of veggies to fruit. Makes it easier to control calories while still getting your macros for health.


apples are very low on the GI list. Cherries are the lowest.


You can't go wrong with berries or grapefruits (not bad when sprinkled with Splenda).


Blueberries! Whether I'm cutting or bulking I eat a cup per day in my morning shake. I also eat an apple every day, and a banana every day. Plenty of fiber in them, plus I get potassium from the bananas. Avacados were also recommended in one of the 'power food' articles if I recall


anyone grow their own berries?


Whatever fruits you like and whenever you want.

Try reading some of the hundreds of articles on nutrition on this site and the thousands available in the internet and the thousands of books in bookstores too.


Could always opt for the lower fructose fruit.

use this table:



this just in. Man dies from eating too many apples and oranges, because their GI was too high. He should have opted for blueberries and snozzberries.


Except watermelon if you're black. It'll make you look like a walking stereotype.


My favs are pears, apples, oranges, any type of berry. If I lift, afterwards I may have a banana or some pineapple (my favorite!).


^this . no one ever got fat from eating fruit .
why are so many people against fruit ( whole natural food)is beyond me .
i read on lyles site how someone " saves squash n bannana's for their refeeds" WTF .


hey these snozzberries taste like snozzberries!


Gotta avoid foods from other food groups too:

collard greens

Starchy carbs & fat:

Starchy carbs, fat, & protein:
dirty rice
fried chicken

Protein & fat:


sugar water

Starchy carbs & protein:
black eyed peas


I gotta avoid some stuff too, else I'll be confused for a stereotypical swindling, money hungry Jew Yorker hell bent on world domination...

lox and cream cheese on a bagel
chopped liver sandwich
gefilte fish
Hebrew National franks

Did I say bagel? I sometimes wonder how there's not one obese person in all the g enerations of my family and they all ate a shitload of bagels.


Just avoid fruit juices and there's really nothing to worry about. Fruit is good. If you're concerned about the sugar opt for berries.


Man aside from lox, bagels and deli sandwiches you guys were dealt a bad hand in the food department.


I do hit up this Israeli restaurant called Me Va Me from time to time, but aside from latkes they don't serve any of that stuff you mentioned.


Depends on nationality and ethnicity. Sephardic (Spanish, Middle Eastern) Jews (I'm half Sephardic [mom born in Cuba]) have an entirely different menu!


Don't knock the latkes man, potato pancakes are the bomb. I cooked passover dinner for my housemates the other night; slow braised brisket with potatoes and carrots, braised red cabbage with diced apples and onions and fried latkes. More than one person described it as the best meal they had ever eaten. I'm down with the jew food.