What Kind Of Doctor?

hey guys, long time no post. got a job workin for the man at ge. working on the joint strike fighter engine design. fun fun.

anyhoo, i now have the worlds greatest insurance and access to any and every kind of doctor in the universe. I was wondering what kind of physician/doctor would be best suited to help me with my muscle imbalances.

i am finally getting my trigger points under control pain wise and would like to start dealing w/ the underlying imbalances and hyper/hypo tonic issues.

I was wondering if a pt or sports doc or even ortho would likely be better suited to deal with muscular imbalance issues and a herniated l5-s1. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

My guess would be an orthopedic surgeon

i dunno about an ortho surgon, i think they are more bone and joint speciailist.
maybe a really good PT or Napropath (sp).
with the insurance you have the Nap would probably be the best bet.
if you dont know, they are like a chiropracter but deal more with soft tissue and nutrition.

to the best of my limited knowledge, ortho guyz are more bone and joint related.
in your shoes i would consider a Naprapath.

if you dont know, they are like a chiropracter except rather then bone they work soft tissue, i.e. tendons, ligaments and muscles. they also consider nutrition. they have been around for about the last century and are gaining much more popularity in our society.
good luck

Thanks a million guys. I appreciate your thoughts. im gonna look into the napropath- i have never even heard of that. thanks again guys.

For the muscle imbalances try a physical therapist at a sports med clinic.

a good pt and a good neurologist.
the neurologist can then recommend a neurosurgeon if it’s needed.

if you go right to a neurosurgeon he may just want to operate.

i had 2 discs removed and c5-6 and c6-7 fused in jan and I’m doing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu like 6 months later…albeit carefully and not all out.

You may want to find a clinic with a decompression unit such as a DRX9000 that can work on that disc, without surgery. Try axion.com insurance may/maynot pay for it.

Hey guys. I really appreciate your thoughts. I had never even thought of a neurologist. And my insurance does indeed cover axial decompression. Thanks again.