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What Kind of Diet Do I Have Going On?

okay so about 6-7 weeks ago i started what i wanted to be the anabolic diet. i went 4 weeks straight carbs under 25-30g a day, high fat moderate to high protein. After those 4 weeks, i went to Surge 3x a week after my 3 full body training days, along with about half a saturday carb up day. i’ve recently as of the past 2 workouts incorporated 2 servings Surge Workout Fuel, plus 1 serving Surge Recovery post workout. that comes out to about 100g of fast acting carbs right around workout time 3x a week, PLUS a half carb up day. the rest of my meals are completely under 5g carbs with higher amounts of fat and protein.

off the top of my head i’m wanting to say i’m now doing more of a carb cycling type thing, since my saturday is a high carb day, i have 3 medium carb days (workout days), and 3 days where i eat under 30g carbs. i have heard that it can be unhealthy to mix high fat on the same days as days where you have higher carbs. is that only true if a high amount of fat is mixed with a high amount of carbs at the same time?

i’m just wanting to do this right, as my diet is entirely anabolic diet based, MINUS the Surge
Workout Fuel/Surge Recovery which is just literally 15 min before my workout, during my workout, and up to 3 minutes after my workout.

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I follow something similar after a keto period. For me, the targeted carb approach is encouraging because I feel the pay-off between progressing/maintaining gains in the gym and improved body comp is better that full keto diets.
In practice, this equates to 100-120g CHO para-workout on strength days, and 40g CHO on HIIT days.

With the execption of 20g CHO from fruits for breakfast daily, the rest of the time it’s P+F. Non-training days would be 30-40g CHO max, and that includes the breakfast fruit with the rest from green veggies, etc.

I do think it makes the carb-up period redundant however. I have a few cheats on a Saturday but I wouldn’t fool myself into believing this was motivated by thoughts of glycogen replenishment. Quite simply, carb-ups are for CKDs not targeted carb diets. If you want to get more serious about the fat loss part of your programme drop this day (or minimise it as much as possible).