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What Kind of Diet and Workout Plan?


Hello, I’m 22 and new to T Nation. Going to post some pics of me now… I have high body ft, I’m not on a diet I just eat healthy, don’t take any supplements but I have 1 1/2 years lifting experience. What program on T Nation would be best for me to follow and I don’t know what diet information to follow. Last but not least should I be taking Mag-10, pulse or eating Finibars? Is it neccesary??

  • Your bodyfat isn’t high really. Just not low. There’s a difference.
  • you absolutely do not need supplements but if you do decide to use them Biotest is arguably the best brand to go with (at the very least among the best)
  • pick any program you like on this site. Follow it consistently for three to six months. You’ll get good results.

Lastly, sit down and decide what you actually want to achieve. Be realistic. If you want to get stronger, don’t try to get super lean at the same time, for example. If you want to pack on muscle, don’t train to get strong alone and don’t eat to be lean. You get the idea.


All right thanks. I don’t want to take any supplements, I rather just get it from real food. Maby one useful Biotest product or some protein. With that said Marko, would you reccomend I,Bodybuilder as a good program… And second question what are the best articles or advice to follow for nutrition? I am 100 percent sure I want to Put on muscle…and with gaining the least amount of body fat in the process…


Well, if I remember correctly I, Bodybuilder is a Christian Thibaudeau program. That means in all probability it is good. If you’re excited to do it, so much the better. You’ll be more likely to follow it consistently, which means better results.

I’m not the best person to ask about diet.

@T3hPwnisher I think you know a good one here?


Thanks for posting, lots of people here to help. Based on your pics and experience, I don’t think you’re ready for the iBodybuilder program. You’d need a lot more mass and time under the bar to make the most out of that program. The best thing to do would be to get on a solid bodybuilding template, and follow a nutrition plan that will allow you to gain as much LBM as possible without overdoing it, and do this for at LEAST 6 months, and take it from there. Here’s exactly what you should do:

Read this - https://www.t-nation.com/training/11-principles-of-bodybuilding-training-part-1
Then this - https://www.t-nation.com/training/11-principles-of-bodybuilding-training-part-2
And do this program - https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/tried-and-true-bodybuilding-program-template

Nutrition: Thibaudeau’s Carb Cycling Article (read thoroughly) - https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/carb-cycling-codex

Before your workout, eat a Finibar or have one scoop of Plazma. You don’t need to worry about pulsing or other supplements at this time.

Don’t overthink it, construct a good plan using the article, get your nutrition in line and be consistent. Be sure to post back with any questions!


Thanks robstein… Given the fact that the guy in the program is already pretty big, I’m guessing your right.


You’re very welcome. With that iBodybuilder program, it’s not necessarily a size issue, I just think it takes at least a couple of years of training in a bodybuilding style and the techniques that go along with it, and a good amount of strength to make the most of it. It would probably be a good choice for you later down the road, but for now a solid program, very consistent training and lots of food are what would be best for you, in my opinion :slight_smile:


Solid articles robstein. I’ve decided to go with this bodybuilding template…


This is always my go to


That’s the one! Couldn’t think of the name, thanks.