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What Kind of Creatine


So im going to supplement up pretty soon and got to wondering, what kind of creatine do yall usually stick to? Obviously your going to like the results, or you wouldn't be on it.


Monohydrate, Micronized

Micronized: smaller particles, dissolves better, faster digestion, right into your bloodstream




All those new fangled creatines are bullshit. It's an unnecessary improvement on an already perfected invention, vis a vis the phonograph (Mr. Show reference). Anyway, creatine monohydrate is the shit and CEE just tastes like shit.


CM has been studied well and i agree everyone should start with that.

i just finished a jar and it was a GI challenge even if i took it perfectly: (for me, no more than) 3g (and always) on an empty stomach with grape juice.

i've since decided to switched to CL's 5g chelated creatine with Waterbury's recipe for post workout nutrition: whey shake and raisins. no GI problems so i am very happy. sure, if your gut can handle mono, jump in, but if you have problems and don't want to abandon the supp then there are necessary improvements to consider