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What Kind Of Creatine Should I Buy

I have heard different recomendations on which type of creatine to buy. Many sources on this site say to use micronized creatine and others say to make sure it Creapure certified.

Is there a brand that is micronized and Creapure certified? What is everyone using and where do you purchase it from?

I use ProLab brand, and I get it from dpsnutrition.com. About $20 for a kilo. It is CreaPure SKW, but it is not micronized. Micronized creatine has only been hypothesized to have a slightly greater uptake in the GI, and hence, be gentler on the stomach. There is really no evidence whatsoever that this is true. The true advantage in using micronized is that it mixes better into a drink. I have found that non-micronized does not settle in shakes, however (e.g. Grow! or Surge). At times, I do mix creatine into Surge, but if I’m simply taking it with juice or water (i.e. it is an off-day), I just put the dry powder into my mouth, take a sip of the desired chaser, and swallow. On a related note, pure creatine should be flavorless.

Good luck! If you do, however, want micronized creatine, AST supposedly makes a fine product.


I don’t understand what’s so hard about buying micronized creatine with a Creapure label. Could it get simpler?

Just look for plain micronized creatine. Then, look for a Creapure label. There are ton of brands out there that fill this requirement.

OK, if you just want me to tell you a single brand to buy (although they’re all going to be the essentially the same), ON (Optimum Nutrition) makes one that will work.