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What Kind of Carb at Breakfast?


Is it better to have fast acting carbohydrates (maltodextrin, glucose) at breakfast because of the 8-10 hour fast your body went through while sleeping or would a slow digesting carbohydrate such as say oatmeal be more beneficial?

Thanks for feedback.


I eat toast (1-2 pieces depending on my carb intake for the day) because I like toast.

In the grand scheme of things I don't think having something slower digesting verse pure sugar all that different.


Your thinking way to much.

Go for a complex carbohydrate source at breakfast more so than a simple sugar. You'll feel better in the morning and not have that "crash" that is associated with simple sugars. A complex carb really helps to carry you on till your next meal. Include a source of lean protein as well at breakfast :slightly_smiling:


I'd say complex carb and fast digesting protein (eggs, shake etc.) is the way to go for breakfast.


I usually do a protein pulse in the morning with 40 g of glucose to break the fast, and get some complex carbs + lean protein 15 min after that. I don't really have a crash at that point, which is cool. :smiley:


oatmeal with Metabolic Drive or pizza.


A slice of bread if you can't each much for breakfast (I like eggs, cuccumbers and toast and have gotten my 2 kids loving this!).

If you work out when you first get up, then you might have more of an appetite, in which case, I'd whip up some pasta.


Oatmeal for the win. I love the taste and texture of it, also with it be so filling, it keeps me full for a couple hours. Versatile, you can make it with so many different options. I love it.


I usually down at least 1 bottle of Mrs. Buttersworth syrup. Really great way to start the day!


Or a combination of all. I have a daily breakfast shake that consists of:

-1 banana
- 2 cups of strawberries
- 1 tablespoon coconut oil
- 1 cup oatmeal
- 2 scoops whey
- 1 cup of cottage cheese

Powerful bomb to "break" the "fast", very delicious, nutritious and helps me cover a good part of my calorie needs for the day. Also very convenient to drink as I'm usually running late in the mornings...