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What Kind Of Butter

I did a search for butter and found a ton of peanut butter threads…

I was wondering what type of butter/margerine people use.

My wife use’s fat free “butter spray”
and i tend to use country crock margerine.

someone told me margerine was 1 molecule away from plastic or something like that…

anyone have the scoop on what butter is ok to put on your green beans?

Well, your question contains the answer…

Just use butter. There’s no need to look for some artificial butter-like substance when they still make good old-fashioned butter.

i like to use the Smart Balance line, with flax seed oil in it.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
i like to use the Smart Balance line, with flax seed oil in it.[/quote]

Ditto, any of the “lipid modified margarines” are trans-fat free and have less saturated fat than regular butter. Plus, this one’s got flax in it.

As for cooking spray, I use an olive oil spray. Yes, the olive oil is somewhat denatured by cooking in it, but oh fucking well, it’s still olive oil.

Great thanks for the info


It is best. Pure butter.

There is a NZ brand that spreads from the fridge, it has no additives. Don’t know how they did that.

For frying etc… I use a European fermented butter, which is good.

Here is a tip: get some butter. Let it melt a bit. Get some safflower oil. Add that to the butter. Wholah! half butter, half oil, spreads from the fridge, good for you.

Agreed - Any of the Smart Balance products, especially the new Omega version which I believe you can cook with (don’t cook with the standard Flaxseed version).

Olive oil is a good second choice.