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What Kind of Bread??

Just curious which brand of bread people here eat.

I made the transition from tasty yet evil white bread last year to a ‘wheat’ called Hillbilly.

Recently I took a look at the ingredients list, and saw high fructose corn syrup, which I know is bad.

Can anyone suggest a good, brand name sandwich bread that can be found in most major grocery stores in the US?

I really hate the heavy, chewy texture of the whole grain variety I have tried in the past.

I like Health Nut by Arnold

Brownberry is a great whole wheat bread.

But really don’t worry if you ingest a little HFCS. Just look for bread where the first ingredient is WHOLE anything be it wheat or oats depending on your taste.

I usually don’t eat bread, but when I do, Rudi’s organic honey wheat bread is spectacular. Especially toasted with butter melted all over it. Oh…My…God!

Keep eating the heavy full textured chewy whole wheat bread until you learn to love it.

You only like the light fluffy bullshit bread because you’ve been eating it forever and are used to it.

You body will learn to recognize that it is good for you and you’ll grow to like it.

Sorry I don’t have any brand recommendations. Go for the darkest and heaviest whole grain bread you can, toast it and put a bit of natural peanut butter on top.

I would highly recommend Ezekiel bread made by Food for Life. You’ll likely have to go at a health food store to get it, but it’s worth the trip.

I like Ezekial too. Another good very natural brand is Aspen Bread.

I can find the Ezekiel bread in the frozen section of the grocery store. They have no preservatives hence they freeze it.

My son says it tastes like saw dust. I think it has a nutty texture.

We use OroWheat’s Health Nut and 7- grain.

Ususally only in the mornings as an occasional change from the oats.

I don’t eat bread very often right now, but I really like:

Martin’s whole wheat potato bread

It tastes great and is soft and yummy, like white bread, but seems to have good stats (and more protein than most breads):

1 slice has 6gP 14gC 1gF 4gFiber

I was actually wondering if it somehow wasn’t healthy since it tastes so good. (too good to be true?) Hubby and toddler eat it happily, too.

Try hemp bread.

[quote]lizard king wrote:
I like Health Nut by Arnold[/quote]

I second that. Oat Nut by Arnold is good too.


[quote]mophet wrote:
Try hemp bread.[/quote]

Hemp bread?

JB recommends Brownberry. I’ve used that and also Arnold’s 13 (or is it 12) grain bread, and also some low-carb whole wheat bread.

Find something with the right ingredients (as mentioned above) and stick with whole-grain or whole wheat.

TC or one of the other wise crackers here at T Nation once said if it looks like it has wood chips in it, it’s good for you. I’m on a no bread cycle right now, but generally, the darker the bread he better.

[quote]StrongMan wrote:
mophet wrote:
Try hemp bread.

Hemp bread?

[/quote]Healthy hemp sprouted bread,it has 7g protein per slice ,B6 & vitamins.omega 3,6,9. organicbread.com


This stuff rules it’s really high fiber and low carb. They have one that’s 7g carb per slice with 4 of those coming from fiber.

If it’s not this stuff I won’t eat it.

…and after you finish a slice, everything is funnier than shit, and you have the munchies.

I buy natural ovens as well. They have a wide variety of breads all of which are high fiber with flax oil, so even if you can’t handle the “hunger filler” which has almost no non-fiber carbs, there are good alternatives.

But as was said, keep eating it and you will like it.

Make sure to read the ingredients especially on “wheat” and “12 grain” breads, if it does not specifically say “whole” grain as the 1st ingredient, then it’s white bread.

A lot of breads say “wheat” but not “whole wheat”; they are fakers. “12-grain” breads very often suffer from this.