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What Kind of Bands for Assistance Lifts?

ive seen how some poeple when they dont have a cable station use bands for pushdows, pullaparts, face pulls,shoulder dislocations, curls, lat pulls etc…all those little thing you do after the big lift

what kind of bands do i need to do that

Minis are a good all purpose band. They are the pink ones.

[quote]bob_sander87 wrote:
Minis are a good all purpose band. They are the pink ones.[/quote]

so th eminsi are the best …no more suggestions ?

It depends on how strong you are and the movement. Start with the minis and work your way up from there.

Get a full sized light band and a mini.

wait until efs has a sale on bands and get a mini, monster mini a light and an average. They occasionally have a sale where the more you buy the bigger % you get off.

Either that or look into iron woody assisted pull up packages.

with all those exercises it’s hard to say one particular band is the one you need.

I like minis/monster minis for pull aparts and average for pushdowns and higher rep assisted pullups (I suck at pullups I can only do 4-5 deadhang pullups for 3-5 sets)