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What Just Happened?!?! Phil Loses - Mr Olympia 2018


Just waiting for Phil to be trolled about having his dreams killed.


Whaaaaat nice one Roden, unlucky Phil.


I was just saying that with the big support for classic, now is the time to steer the open back towards a less potato-type physique and make the right call with Rhoden. Perfect timing for an actual threat to Phil’s pretty much uncontested title.



I think this is a good interpretation of events. No way Phil loses under the conventional way of how things were IMO. Phil probably didn’t help things with his comments about the Olympia being about him in the presser and the judges may not have seen him at the same level as Ronnie and Lee.

Interesting post from Phil’s fiance saying “you’ll never see him again”, she has removed it .


Quite “PC” for Phil. For all his brashness in online discussions and social media, he acted professionally here. I will hand that to him.
I read he wants to try this one more time and then hang it up.


Amen to this.


WHat jumps out to me, in all of the post show wrap ups online, is the theme of:

After prejudging everyone could see Rhoden beating Phil, but would the judges actually commit to it?

Which really shows how most people just accept a certain amount of policitics in the final decisions of the sport.



Scorecard below.

The judges were split with Phil 1 point behind after prejudging.

Shawn came in better and Phil worse for the night show. One judge changed their vote to Shawn.

From this, instead of a change in direction, I expect the usual shenanigans to return next year lol

Judges had Big Ramy in 8th after prejudging :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Honestly, I just don’t think that Ramy is gonna ever win multiple Olympias anymore. He is already in his mid thirties. People back then in 2013 and 2014 all said, “this guy is gonna win ten Mr.Olympia.”

He has incredible physical gifts for bodybuilding, but I think his mental isn’t there. I remember Chris Aceto said Ramy just followed everything that his coach or anyone said to him without ever questioning anything. It looks like he is not smart enough to find what works for him and what doesn’t. I mean who knows your body better than yourself?


Absolutely awesome to see Rhoden max out his potential and come in so tight, a great combination of size and aesthetics.


coaches. that’s why people hire them.

Just sounds like he’s got the wrong people around him. In some ways, it seems like he’s trying to reinvent the wheel. IMO, he should hook up with guys that have a real, proven track record at the Olympia, and work with them for next year’s show. I don’t think he will, because he’s clearly convinced himself that the guys he’s working with know better than everyone else, but who knows. This year could finally be a wake up call for him that he has to find a different way to do things. I don’t want to see him wasting anymore prime years.


Agreed. He’s come close, but he has never stepped on stage with what I’d call ‘contest conditioning’.

I’m not sure if it’s an obsession with bringing the ‘biggest’ package to the stage, but if he came in 90’s peeled he’d be standing a hell of a lot closer to that Sandow, in my opinion.


absolutely. and even if getting to that kind of conditioning required a slight drop in muscle mass, the dude would still come in as the most massive dude on stage by far.

That being said, the ship may have sailed already if this shift to a more aesthetic, tapering physique is what the judges will be looking for going forward. Rhoden looks great, no question. But he wouldn’t have won this year if the judges were looking for the same things they were in, say, Ronnie’s prime. It will be very interesting to see what bodybuilding looks like over then next few years.


True. But you still have to let your coach know how you truly feel and question things. From all the stories I have heard, he’s like a slave to Bader Bodai or whatever his name is who owns the Oxygen gym in Kuwait.


Well, when Chrid Aceto worked with him, he came in at 275/280. He looked more conditioned and he was still the biggest guy out there but losing the freak factor really hurt him. I just don’t think he has “it” in him to bring the right package, you can almost see it in how he carries himself on stage.

Winklaar has managed to hold that freaky muscle whilst now coming in lean and IMO is the real freak, but he flies under the radar a bit.

I reckon Phil will come back but I think he is cooked, and I think Shawn may struggle to back up his win at 44 year’s old

The door maybe opens for Winklaar…


Winklaar really impressed me this year. I always liked his physique but knew he wasn’t quite the complete package that wins a top spot.



Maybe a dumb question, but if Phil tries again next year, does he try to come in much lighter than this year to fit what the judges apparently are looking for now?


My guess would be no. Phil’s won 7 titles, I doubt he’s going to try to overhaul his physique in any major way. In my mind, all he can really do is make little tweaks, try to bring a slightly better package, but it will probably be pretty close to what he’s always brought to the table.


Kai Greene is hinting at competing next year. Where there is drama Kai is sure to pop his head up, so his comments need to be taken with a grain of salt but that would certainly add some spice to what is suddenly looking like a very interesting 2019 Olympia.


Lol if Olympia is headed in the direction that it seems to be after these results, Kai should keep his gut far away from that stage.