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What Just Happened?!?! Phil Loses - Mr Olympia 2018


Palumbo, Aceto, Sarcev and farnsworth all have phil losing.



to whom?


To be honest, Shawn just surprised the hell out of me. I had him out of top 5 actually before. But he proved me wrong. He looked amazing and I agree with Palumbo, Aceto and Sarcev that he was the best bodybuilder out there. Also, he was winning the pre-judging from some inside sources.

Ramy on the other hand, is just the biggest disappointment of the year. Soft and it looked like he developed a bigger gut.


Bonac was also slightly off. His obliques got thicker which look terrible on his small and narrow frame. Roelly came in amazing condition with his gut controlled. So he is definitely going to beat Bonac. Milos and Aceto also had Roelly beating Bonac.

If I were to predict top 5:

  1. Shawn
  2. Phil
  3. Roelly
  4. Bonac
    (basically top 4 pre-judging)
  5. Ramy


The expo has been very fun and I’m having a blast out here.


Cool BrickHead!
Lee still looks jacked, even with his nerve issue (I think on his right side).



How was the atmosphere? I remember watching a Pulumbo and friends wrap up a few years ago when Kai competed and it was buzzing behind them.

This year was pretty dead. Maybe they didn’t like having folks in the shot (usually some dickhead ruins it) or was it a little quiet this year?


I thought everything was great! Sorry for brief response for now. Bopping around!




I’m not getting all the Rhoden love. Rhoden’s physique is pretty but Phil is just too thick all the way through. Makes Rhoden look like a Classic guy. To me Roelly is closer to Phil.
Ramy looks amazing on the second day… would be interesting to see what would have happened if he came in like that the first night


Roelly Winklaar got people’s champion. Well deserved, I have always been a fan of comic book physique and his personality even though he does not speak good English, you just know that guy is genuine and down to earth. A rarity in this narssistic sport or beauty contest whatever you call it.


The guy has the best happy face going around haha


Internet just exploded lol


My prediction was correct except that Brandon Curry took over Big Ramy 5th spot lol



Bye bye Phil


Congratulations Shawn Rhoden!!! My mouth literally dropped haha

Toppling a standing Mr Olympia is no mean feat and Phil was off but not like some disastrous Mr Os we’ve seen that have held their title. That is a huge effort, well deserved. He looked great in prejudging and even better tonight to slam the door. Amazing stuff.


Where are people looking at images?


This will prob get taken down in 20 mins…

about 2/3 in, onwards