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What Just Happened?!?! Phil Loses - Mr Olympia 2018


You know what I always thought was stupid, competitors “hiding their physiques” in the weeks leading up to the show to throw their competitors off or to not show them what they were up against.

Isn’t everyone just going balls out until the show? What does seeing your physique 4 days out do that wasn’t going to be done already?


They don’t want to release any information they don’t need to. Every sport does it. Plus the promoters may have requested it.


It always seems like pics help fuel the hype in BBing. Everyone knows stuff changes in the last week (hell even in the last few days) and people look amazing in solo photos and then seem less impressive when next to other people.

Back when I was into it more pics leading up to the show always helped fan my interest


Yep. Flex calves are amazing. I don’t know why so many bodybuilders lack calves today. It is even more prominent with recreational gym goers. For me, calves should be as big as upper arms flexed. That’s the Steve Reeves golden rule and I agree with that. It is the perfect proportion, you look at humans 500 years ago with amazing physique their arms are not bigger than their calves.


Calves are a nothing body part and you calves loving pricks can all go and get stuffed.

Also, do Big Ramy’s calves ever stand a chance?



Big Ramy calves are actually massive. But his quads are arguably the biggest ever in the bodybuilding scene which makes his calves look small. I highly doubt that his calves are much smaller than his arms flexed. They are probably around the same size.

My point still stands. Too many people nowadays bitches about how they cannot grow calves when they either

  1. Never train them directly
  2. Train them improperly

People normalize when someone bitches about how they cannot grow their calves but condemn people who say they can’t grow their arms or chest. You are no better than people who complain that they can’t get big arms when they hardly ever do isolation work with arms.

Are there people who naturally have big arms without isolation work? Yes. Are there people who naturally have big calves without isolation work? Yes. Like every other muscle, calves have genetics component just as much as biceps, whether they are bad or good, they can be grown.


Compared to us mere mortals, I reckon Ramy has big calves but I don’t think it’s just the huge quads that hurt him - they’re definitely nowhere near as big as his arms.

Here’s a back view and his calves are a long way behind Phil’s (who has pretty decent calves, not Dorian but pretty good)


Anyway, not long now. I’m interested to see what level of conditioning Phil brings this year.


Anyone watch the presser? Phil Heath let dome insults fly lol


X2. He’s definitely been inconsistent if you compare his last few years side by side



IMO, at the presser, only Winklaar had that death face going on. So I think it will be another meh year but we’ll see.


When viewing the physique as a whole from the front or back, small calves accentuate the classic ‘V taper.’ That’s why I keep mine as small as possible.


Big Ramy has come in at 310.
Phil has come in lighter than last year, just slightly.

Both guys will need to be leaner than last year (or Bonac will slip through while no one is watching)… Is this a tactical mistake? Would Ramy have been better off coming in at 285 or is it the right move?


Rhoden showed up in terrible shape last year and he talked a bunch of smack this year but BANG:

Backed it up. Probably Phil’s worst pose (and low def) but still

Ramy’s botched his conditioning…


Roden looks awesome but guessing he won’t win


No, Phil still a long way ahead from behind and you must knock out the champ (basically beat them in just about all poses). Looks like it will be:

  1. Phil
  2. Shawn
  3. Bonac
  4. Winklaar
  5. Ramy
  6. Brandon Curry or Dexter.

Great result for Roelly, good return from Flexatron and would also be a fantastic effort from Curry.


Wow… even BBing.com doesnt cover the O any more. Sign of the times right there…


x3 rhoden looked great, brought the 90s look

For me something looks funky in one of phil’s legs!


I was there last night and I was shocked by the shape of Shawn, 10 times more than in the photos!
We often hear that we can not judge based on the photos and I guarantee you that’s true!


I’ve been touting Rhoden for years, and last night it all came together IMO.



Seems like Phil has a bit more mass (lays and arms noticeably) but in these photos Shawn had the conditioning. Photos are always hard to get the full picture from though, as even a tenth of a second can change how hard someone is squeezing or whatever.

Depends on what the judges value more I suppose.