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What Just Happened?!?! Phil Loses - Mr Olympia 2018


I wasnt a fan of Cutler’s physique in his competition days but i always admired his work ethic, personality, positive attitude towards fans and success in business. He was more popular than Phil Heath even after he lost the title to him in 2011. Thats what i call charisma.


Just throwing out here that Brad (Brick) and I might tag along with Arash to this year’s Olympia. So, if anyone’s planning to attend, it’d be cool to hit up a gym at some point over the weekend.



I wouldnt miss it if i wasnt living 10.000 kms away :grin:


I’m interested…


Would not this Mr Olympia be one of the most interesting for several years?
Phil to his eighth title
Hope to see a big ramy with a 100% condition

The last year of Flex
The coming of Hadi Choopan (possibly)

Many title contenders between Breon, Bumstead, Arash, Regan, …

The return of Buendia after his big injury for a new title?


If you can find the latest Roelly Winklaar pics doing the rounds on the internet, they are worth seeing. They are nuts


This gets my hopes up every year, he has some crazy MM pics going around before every olympia, just a shame it never translates to the win.


Haha this year they are crazy even for him - he’s head just look wrong on that body lol We’ll see what happens on stage, probably come in looking he swallowed a beach ball



Anyone know what is Roelly competition weight currently? Wikipedia listed him at 240 lbs. But I feel like even at 5’7, he is much heavier than that


Roelly always looks great leading up to a show, and unquestionably I like his physique. It’s dense and round and has a lot of traits that make him one of the top guys in the sport. This photo that’s going all over the place recently is a zoomed in, dramatically lit still from a video. If there’s one thing I learned from my years competing and judging the sport, it’s that you can never put too much faith in those couple of photos that always get leaked ahead of a big contest.



Unless they are the ones of Yates is 93


Lol - those are still just insane to look at. He was so far ahead of any other competitor.



You are right, I still look at those pics now and it sends shivers down my spine.
I met Dorian that year, I was 19 years old and it just blew my mind.


Yeah it’s funny looking at Yates and thinking that’s been so long ago considering the time he was competing and his competition at the time.

I like Reilly though, seems to have a good attitude aside from the physique which makes it easy to cheer for him.


Looks like we’ll get a smaller, less bloated and more aesthetic Phil Heath this year. Doesnt seem to be a gut present and pretty good taper.

Winning 8 titles is going to get some press attention and the IFBB probably don’t want too much freak factor in this climate.


I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re prubabjy right. BBibg hasn’t had much mainstream press lately, and you don’t see current champions on talk shows like you used to (Ronnie Coleman on the Roseanne Barr talk show anyone?)



Here in France in december 2017, we got a 20min doc about Stanimal and his bodybuilding life in LA on a big tv show!


Crossfit is the new hotness and has the bodies that appeal to people.

Honestly I used to be into BBing as anybody and I’d rather have a top tier CrossFit body than Heaths. I can barely remember what I used to see in being that big.

There is a near zero percent chance that Heath winning garners any main stream press. It will be nuts in the BBing community but likely nothing on even late night joke shows.


Getting close,… does anyone have any doubt about Phil winning? Is anyone new going to come out of the shadows in the next year or two and actually be a legitimate threat?



Ramy. He was favored to win last year and people have been saying this over and over, if anything he’s the one to beat Phil. Even Jay Cutler and Flex Wheeler in a interview said this. Just a matter of time till he nails the conditioning or we may never see it.

Bonac = absoultely no chance to win because of his narrow and short structure. Roelly = there is a chance of him winning if he can magically improve his back.