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What I've noticed

Hello fellow t-people.over the past few weeks of reading posts and replys, I can’t help but notice the guys from 150#-170# move some monster weight.now I’m not saying that guys over that are not pushing big weight.what got me thinking about this is a reply from ko on squatting.here is a guy 5’10 153# that is squatting almost 3x his body weight for reps. I’m 5’9 160# and I can hang right with ko as far as squats go.I don’t know what his 1rm on flat bench is, but I’m willing to bet it’s right around mine 300 1rm. it’s not just him and I doing this Ironman and a lot of others are to.I guess where I’m going with this is,why are guys that move so much weight at these light body weights.I’ve never met ko or Ironman but will bet there like me ripped to shreds.I’m sure we all have well above average bodys but is it our body that keep us from that mass we crave.

Yo Pat honey. I didn’t know that Ko was such a little shit. lol. How about cummin and bein wid a real man. 5’10" 153. Braaaaahahaha

Gearhead: I’m more woman than you’ll ever be able to handle and Ko is more man than you’ll ever dream to be. Pretty simple, really.

Please don’t say dumb shit; now is not a good time…

I didn’t mean for that to happen! ko what is your thinking on this, your in the same boat as me?is it just body types? is 200# just a dream?

I’m not in the same boat as you and ko but I’ll give you my opinion. At that height, 200 lbs. would be fairly big, presuming you would be 12% or less bodyfat. I’m positive both ko and you could gain weight if you really wanted to. Eat more calories. Fast metabolism? Eat more calories. Since your bodyfat is already low (6 or 7%) you will have a tendency to store those nutrients as muscle over fat, presuming you are eating good. A good way to make sure only lean mass is being added is to use some form of androgens. MAG-10 is an option. I don’t think ko cares about gaining mass, at least not in the short run. On the other hand, I like to be a little bigger and carry more bodyfat, usually 12-15%. I feel better, stronger in the gym, and can eat more food. We all have different goals and I respect that. Good luck!

Looking back, I was at my strongest pound for pound at about 185#. Over the years I have varied my weight from 145# after Ranger School to 230# with a 32" waist at the end of college. At 185#, I was my most flexible, fastest and pound for pound strongest.
Aww gee, Look what you did! Now I have a new goal. THANKS ALOT!

Anyone can reach 200 lbs if they want it, with or without drugs. All the info is right here. I myself am shooting for 185-190. I do not feel the need to be any bigger, and if I decide to do any more fighting, I want to compete at lightheavy. At 185 I think that I would have good strength and power, without compromising speed.

I understand the purpose of your question. It’s just a shame that there are lifeforms such as Gearhead who screwed up your intentions. Oh well. I hope Ko’s answer was what you’re looking for.

Y'know, though, I'm not a big gal either. But I guess the weights I throw around aren't considered to be lightweight. But if you take into consideration, my length of training, my work ethic, and my love of just lifting - well, then what I can do isn't all that amazing. It's rather "normal". :-)

Thanks for the help, I guess I’m just getting aggravated I’ve been stuck at160# for a few months now and can’t get over the hump.you see I workout in a physical therapy/fitness center that has maybe 25 members plus the therapy patients.23of the members are farmers wives ridding bikes or treadmills,the other 2are me and my partner the only ones trying to bodybuild.I think me and him are the only ones in the whole county that bodybuild.(it’s not a big county)anyway I learn most from you guys,because there’s knowone around here to talk to. machine … I have 4 more days of mag-10 don’t know if I’ve gained anything haven’t checked but love the pump off of it. so again thank for the help you guys are valuable assets…stingray.

If I recall correctly from a previous thread you had begun, the general consensus was that you were overtraining. Correct? Oh, and not consuming enough calories. I believe that once you make corrections in your training program and calories, you’ll see improvements in your lifts. Just don’t let your frustrations override your common sense.

If you don’t gain at least 10 lbs. off your 1st MAG-10 cycle and you haven’t used any androgens before (legal or not) then you are not eating enough calories. I don’t buy the “It just didn’t work for me” that I’ve got from a few buddies of mine. I agree about the positive feeling that MAG-10 gives for workouts. My volume of work always goes up and I feel great. I topped out recently with my last MAG-10 cycle only gaining 4 lbs. in 2 weeks. That’s only b/c the last 2 cycles gave me 12 lbs. and 10 lbs. respectively.

Yes you are right, I was overtraining but have changed that by dropping down to 3 exercise per body part for 3 set of 8,and have droped a lot of isolation movements.now let me ask you this,I’m getting a good pump but I’m not getting sore the next day.do I need to maybe go up to 4 set but stay with 3 exerise?one other one for ya,do you count supplement calories,protg, carbg &fatg in your food logg?I’m not talking about prot& mrp’s,thing like mag-10,(11calories&3g of carbs)& l-glutamine(20calories 5gcarbs)? agian thank for the help.

let me tell you what I did with the mag-10.I got 3 bottles in january did two bottles as soon as I got them and put the last one up.knowing that you make the biggest gains the first time you use it.my thinking was that I would pull it out in 4 or 5 months and go for more big gains.(it may work like that it may not.)I went from 130 to 153 so I know mag-10 works,that was from just two bottles,but man I ate like two horses.the only thing I really take are whey protein,creatine,l-glutamine&mega man and some flax seed oil.I did get a bottle of myo-blastthe other day,if it don’t work I’ll take it back.(not expecting to much though)so how does my supplement list sound is it o.k.?you mentioned androgens what would you suggest as far as a good androgen? like I said before there’s nobody around here to talk to.I just want to get as big as I can I’m tiered of being a skinny shit,but at least now I’m a built skinny shit.lol again thank for the help it does make a difference for me.

You do not need to ge sore to see results. More important is do you feel like you had a good workout afterwards. For me, after serious workout, I’m done, no mas, time to go home and eat, then take a nap. This should be your gauge, not “how sore am I the next day”.