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What Ive Learned About (My) LIfe In the Past 6 Months


Well, Ive decided to share some thoughts about what Ive learned about life in the past 6 months. Why is 6 months an important factor; well to be honest it was roughly six months ago that my now ex-girlfriend of two years and I broke up. Don't worry this isn't a post about relationship issues; it's an honest summary of some of the things I have done and lessons I have learned during this time. These points are in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind first.

  • Training MUST be hard. That doesn't mean it can't be fun or enjoyable but I have made the best progress of my life in the last few months (numbers and body composition) and it is the direct result of honest hard work.
  • Heavy Deadlifting and Squatting (see above) are two of my favorite things to do in life. That literally means that if I had to make a list of the top 10 things I do in life they would both probably end up on their somewhere.
  • Life can suck sometimes, whether its a hard breakup, surgery, death, or etc. Life can suck. But the good news is that life is what you make it. If I am having a rough day I have the power/will to get off my ass and change it.
  • Hard work trumps everything. I left my previous job about a month ago. It was a risky move but it needed to be done, it took me two weeks of cold-calling, resume sending, and interviews but last Monday I started my new job as a motorcycle tear-down tech for a used parts distributor and I love it so far. You want something go get it.
  • Traveling and experiencing things outside your normal life is one of the most rewarding things you can do. A day after I left my job I went out to Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico for a week, mostly to camp and hike. What an eye opening experience, really makes you appreciate and life and for me, this amazing country.
  • Love really is when you want the best for someone else, regardless of your own personal wants. This also means keeping your mouth shut at the appropriate times.
  • Anyone who is worried about the current generation of young adults should take it easy. The night before I left for my trip my best friend from high school was home from his second tour in Afghanistan (Army Infantryman). We sat, talked and drank until 5 in the morning. I have a few other friends who have served/currently serving and trust me, if they are any indication of how our future will turn out, im glad to be a part of it.
  • Jim Wendler knows his shit.
  • Life is way too short to worry about what other people think of you. There should be a select group of people in your life, for me its 3, who's opinion of me matters. The reason I care what they think of me is because I think so highly of them, so I try to be the person I feel should be, and the person I feel they deserve to have in their lives.
  • Writing is a great way to relieve stress and share your thoughts before you go too crazy. Thanks for anyone who was willing to read through. Go lift something heavy and enjoy life.


Good post. I especially agree with the last one. Writing down thoughts, fears, etc. helps you to check things from a different point of view and it also helps to structure those same thoughts and fears, making them more rational.


truth and wisdom in these statements.


Nice post little buddy.



I've said that stuff in the past, then I end up forgetting it and turn into the biggest asshole ever, until I hurt someone or myself by doing something stupid, then I remember it again and do better for awhile, until the cycle repeats.

I think I'm happiest when I start turning into a bit of an asshole, but before it gets out of control.


theuofh- I know what you mean, i have the same problem. I like the saying "pay yourself first". It doesnt mean that you have to be selfish, an over the top asshole, or anything like that. But when you take care of your own wants/needs first (most of the time) it makes it much easier to help other people/and just be a better friend, family member, etc.


Yes Edgy I would agree.