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What I've Created In 25 Years


howdy, my name is jay. im from nova scotia, canada. 270-275 lbs. 6'2" i train for strongman.

2 days ago it was my 25th bday. so i thought id make a thread with some pics from early on to present day.

rules sticky said to include some lifts
500 raw squat/565 equiped
585 raw deadlift/705 equiped
405 raw bench
305 log press
405 front squat, belt only
450 lb farmers walkx30 feet my best event

these 2 are from 2 weeks after i started "working out" or what i thought was working out. 2 weeks prior to turning 15

220 lb farmers

same year, just after christmas, got my first real bench

my first ever log press after watching WSM on tv

my first truck pull at my first strongman, pulling an antique firetruck 22,000 lbs. 18 years old 2nd place

early on incline bench....

ugly PR logpress of...230...lmao 20 years old

same contest*char-town PEI* truck pull

i dieted down once, and only once! it was for lightweight strongman nationals in british columbia. i cut from 255-230.8. i got to 11% body fat. i have much respect for you body builders and what you go through..... some of you guys walk around at less than 11% and i was killin myself to get there lol

farmers walk last spring, 320 lbs. same day i went with 450s

atlantic championships 2 years ago, sydney nova scotia...first time getting a 300 log!

wheels about a month ago

and most recent!

well, thats a quick glimpse at the last 10 years, and beyond. hope a get a half decent rating, be gentle lol like i said im no BB'er!


damn gingers...

nah, jk, lookin solid. Good job.


Awesome transformation, and awesome personality. You look like a ginger version of Bane (that's a compliment).


Cool post. You've done well, gotten strong and big, etc.

Great work!


awesome progress you are looking like a viking! grats!


lmao at the ginger pic!

thanks alot guys!

viking is a good look :stuck_out_tongue: my grand fathers biological father was a big 6'8 man from scottland, his mother was a big women from norway


I may be the only Vix that trolls this forum... I give you big high score!


'preciated :slight_smile: big HIGH FIVE in return :stuck_out_tongue:

im actually blown a way at a score of 7.7! i looked at a few other threads in here and y'all score 'em hard. thanks!



good job man


EAST COAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

some of the best crowds ive competed infront of were in the island. might be comming up there in november for a powerlifting meet


Nice man, im actually living in NS right now finishing up my degree at X. man the gyms suck in antigonish. you'll kill it in PEI for sure though dude!


never trained in antiganish. buddy of mine just moved to amherst, they started a powerlifting gym there. char town has an awesome gym run by jason mosher attached to his naturally fit suppliment store. its another hardcore place. i saw it a couple days before it opened, we stopped counting 45 lb plates after 100!

and its only about 30 feet wide and 50-60 feet long lmao wicked place, they have some strongman gear there too. and alex wallace has one of the sickest pits ive ever been in up near alberton. i believe its called east side fitness. next time you're home you should check those spots out. jason and alex are really nice guys and pretty strong. PEI will actually host atlantic canada's strongest man next year, in alberton


Great job brother. Very impressive transformation, and it's always nice to see a myriad of pictures spanning many years.


trained at jasons gym in july and august this summer! fucking love it, so much better than the fitness centre across the street :). trying my hardest to put my head down and make gains in antigonish, only 7 more months here lol


You are a beast


Great Job!


thanks alot guys :slightly_smiling:


awesome shoulders


thanks bro :slightly_smiling:


Like Hallowed, I'm giving you a big, high score too based on
a) fellow Canadian
b) I've never met an East Coaster that I didn't like
c) Big, brawny men that can pull trucks need big, high scores