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What It Says About You?


Periodically people will write these exposes on “A person’s Dog/A person’s Car”…or whatever…says a lot about a persons personality.

Well…it this day of Information and Technology, I would say that a persons Desktop/Wallpaper/Avatar says a lot about them.

What is your Desktop/Wallpaper?

Does it reflect you?

Of course, you can see my Avatar, Mufasa and Simba from the Disney Classic “The Lion King”…my Wallpaper (above) is from “Farscape”. They do reflect my love of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and how I’ve never quite “grown-up” in my outlook on Life…

Anyway…let’s have a little fun!



Planet Scapes always make good Wallpapers/Desktops…but good ones are VERY hard to find…

They require very unique and experienced Fantasy Artist good at freehand, Airspray and computer graphics…

That’s tough…but they are out there…



2.4 Mi Swim
112 Mi Bike
26.2 Mi Run




I meant to say “Airbrush”…

Starburst and Novas also make great Wallpapers for the Computer…



By the way…

Whomever TC, Chris and the guys use for graphics?

They fall under the category of great graphics people!

I particularly like this “Borg” inspired Wallpaper…



…and this “Persian/Egyptian Gods” inspired one…

(Larger versions can be found in the “Gallery” portion of The Nation site…)


In High School, I used tape up a comic strip every day outside homeroom. People would line up just to read it and talk about it. It was a nice ritual. Sometimes I would sneak up my own. But most of the time it was “The Far Side”. And that one involved me having to explain it to people.

Now at work, my desktop seems to be whatever web comics makes me giggle. I am close to the printer, so workmates stop by and want to read my desktop. I like to change it every time I find a new comic that needs to be read. When nothing makes the grade, I like to place a gray on gray 42 image. Hitchhiker fans will get that.

My home computer, Black desktop, no image. I try to keep desktop short cuts down to email and recycling bin. And whatever torrent I’m downloading at the time. (If I like it, I buy it. semi-hijack of thread. BUY the stuff you like. That way, they will make more)

As for my Avatar, it is a closely cropped drawing of me.

sugarfree: Do you know where I can find a new job? I was one of those guys that desanitized the phones in the office building, but they fired me because I “wasn’t necessary.” Bastards. I hope they all get sick and die. Towel, anyone?

Anyway, my home computer desktop wallpaper is a picture of stonehenge. I can’t post it because I’m at work right now. Come to think of it, my cellphone power-on image is a picture of stonehenge, too. Maybe subconsciously I’m a hippie or something.

[quote]lothario1132 wrote:
Maybe subconsciously I’m a hippie or something.[/quote]

Or a druid.

this is cool. my desktop is the same it was when i first got my PC set up. in life, i haven’t instigated change or clutter, so i tend to not instigate change or clutter of my desktop.

i don’t have an avatar because i like things that are exclusive to me, and i will never, ever rip something off, so my avatar would have to be something i created. i don’t have the tools to create such a thing yet so i haven’t an avatar.

my screen name is exclusive to me, makes me chuckle and reminisce, and i’ll always remember it. it’s from back in the halo days when Elites would crumble beneath my MasterChiefian onslaught. seconds before they cried their cries of death they would see me and alarmingly acknowledge, “wufwugy!”

I tend to do the web comic thing too. Usually, it ends up being a Penny Arcade strip.

If I don’t have a comic up, my background will be just plain black. I like simplicity.


Heres my desktop, pretty self explanatory.

[quote]nephorm wrote:
lothario1132 wrote:
Maybe subconsciously I’m a hippie or something.

Or a druid.

Ya know what, come to think of it, Bealteinne is coming up pretty soon (May 1), I don’t suppose y’all have any extra mistletoe left over from Christmas, do ya? I used all of mine the last full moon we had.

You kinda forget that avatars are something you intentionally put forward to represent you in an avenue where personal expression is more limited. We all have the same font, the more intelligent of us follow the same grammatical rules and so forth. So the avatar is one of the few places you can express yourself as an individual, and you know the people reading the posts think of you in a certain way based on your avatar. As such, I would say most people would make an avatar that makes others view them the way they would like to be viewed, not necessarily the way they actually are, or the way they truly view themselves.

Take my avatar for example. I’m not a very creative person, but I love Johnny Cash, so I chose his album cover as my avatar. Or am I just choosing the avatar so others will view me as kind of an “Original Badass”? Kind of all relates back to Cooley’s Looking Glass Theory. Or it kinda all relates back to the Jagermeister…

Anyway, my desktop I changed today to the T-Nation one in the galleries that looks like the Fight Club poster (one of my absolute favorite movies). But again, I live in a college dorm, I know random people will see my desktop. Did I pick the desktop because it truly represents me as a person, or did I pick so that people will ask “What’s T-Nation?” and then I get to explain my whole lifting schpiel. It’s a pretty interesting social psychology and sociology question.

i will have to say it. there are very few interesting and relevent sociology questions.

They could even say “what you would like people to think about me” or “what i would like to think about myself”.

Good thread though, like a little window into peoples computers.

The image attached is what I have as my background. It is comprised of red and black, my favourite colour scheme, and is a very simplistic wallpaper that I made using the tribal T-Nation graphic that I ripped from some thread…

I find it to be very suitable, and to say much.


[quote]miniross wrote:
i will have to say it. there are very few interesting and relevent sociology questions.

They could even say “what you would like people to think about me” or “what i would like to think about myself”.

Good thread though, like a little window into peoples computers. [/quote]

The same could be said of our logon monikers, or usernames, or whatever. A few people use what I assume is their real name, but most of us don’t.

lothario1132 is my real name.

My current desktop at work:

Insanity - It’s difficult to comprehend how insane some people can be. Especially when you’re insane.

You guys are GREAT!

Very interesting insights!

Laxxone…it’s true about the idea of the Avatar being a representation of how you wish to be viewed. I use the “Mufasa” Avatar pretty much everywhere I post. The reaction has run the gamut from “gay”…to people commenting on the movie itself…

I chose him for his compassionate strength…his wisdom…placing himself above others…and unconditional Love and Dedication to those around him…

I certainly fall short of those qualities…but everyday it’s a reminder to work on them…

It’s also fascinating at work to see how much people’s Wallpapers/Desktops sort of match their personalities (check it out!)…there have been a few even on this thread whom like the “clean, exact and uncluttered” look…at work, these tend to be the most organized people.

Cool stuff! Keep it coming!



Excellent topic. Good insights too.

Thanks for the topic. I chose to update my avatar because of it.

Simplistic, but that’s how I like it, and it pretty much sums up my philosophy of life:

B2B: Back to Basics. Especially when all else fails.
KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid / Salesman / Short
Yin/Yang: Symbolizes all the shades of grey of life, as well as its eternal opposites.
Crosshairs: Cut the Crap. Decide. One shot, one kill.