What is your weakest Bodypart?

What is everyones weakest bodypart? I would have to say mine are calves. This has created a fascination of calves within me! I will one day have bigger calves than my arms!

Definatly my legs. Maybe tri’s. My shoulders need some work too. I think my lower back is pretty strong…though it could be stronger. My calves are pathetic. But the one thing that is OK is my chest. My chest is definatly strong enough. Until my tri’s catch up. Then again maybe it isn’t strong enough. My bi’s are definatly too small. Um…actually I think my whole body is weak. Except for my traps, if my traps didn’t grow so easily you wouldn’t even know I lifted any weights, though relative to a lot of people they are small. I do have an acute sense of smell though. There, my nose is definatly my best body part.

Actually, seriously, weakest would have to be my legs, I didn't train them for the first year of lifting (I been going about 1.5 years). I've finally worked up to a 200 squat, while my bench is at about 250-ish. (Going to max out soon after doing WSB for a month, hopefully both will be more.) Oddly enough my deadlift isn't too bad (relative to my squat, not relative to other people), at about 300lbs. At any rate, it's legs for me.

My shoulders are a joke. I do lateral raises with 10 lbs dumbells and I sweat all over the place. I think I have good arms in general for my weight, I have great legs too, but my shoulders really suck!

My biceps are the weakest on me. I think it’s genetics. Elbow to wrist, my arm is of normal length. Elbow to bicep insertion near my shoulder, is short. Oh well…

I was working on my weak bodyparts recently (shoulders, biceps, hamstrings). My shoulders have always been weak due to little direct work. I have very short biceps, and my hamstrings have just been a pain to make grow!

And to top it off, I recently had some injuries: biceps tendonitis (right shoulder), tendonitis in my right knee, and just this past weekend I had a bad fall mountain biking and separated my shoulder (the other one).

So now I feel like my whole body is weak. I've been going through rehab and have watched my body atrophy all over. My legs and ass have gotten smaller, but I've managed to keep most of my size elsewhere. My strength is at an all time low.

And now that I separated my shoulder, I'm going to start losing size in my upper body. But I guess it's better to have it all happen at once rather than at different times throughout the year. I'll just have to come back bigger and stronger in a few weeks (when I'm healed!).

Wish me luck! The Biotest seminar will come in handy for me as I'll be in my control/stability phase for my injuries!

My weakest parts tend to be the muscles attached to my skeleton.

My triceps, chest and calves where all weakpoints.

The part of the triceps that where weak and small was the big part you see when you pull a double biceps. I accidentally overcame this weak point when I went on a power training program this last winter. After that I noticed big improvements in the size of that part of the tricep. By doing heavy close grips and decline barbell extensions (1-5 reps) I got em growing.

Chest was conquored by keeping my elbows flared out while benching. Also lowering the bar towards my upper chest.. but mainly keeping my arms parallel helped.

Calves still need tons of work... but by working them 30 mins on saturday (SEPERATE work out!) and 10-15 mins on tuesday they are improving well. Full range of motion and working both outer and inner on standing calf raises (standing on toes for outer and the outside parts of toes really helped!)

Mine is actually arms, and my best are legs (usually it’s the other way around, especially in the gym where I train). My arms look a lot bigger than they actually are due to fact that I’m currently 5 % b.f. (after 12 weeks of dieting) , but a cold measurement is pretty sad. I have spent most of my time dieting though, and I can put on mass pretty easy w. proper diet and training. I’m genetically gifted in the legs department, plus I played a lot of soccer growing up. Don’t underestimate the value of sprinting for leg size/strength-it works well.

Shoulders… Calves…

I never worked my shoulders when I first started out 5 years ago, never did shoulder presses because I was “informed” how terrible they were for the joints, and maybe did 2 sets for them a week until maybe 6 months ago. I never really realized just how weak they were. I never bothered with calves because I never felt I was going anywhere with them, still don’t even though I know I should be. Oh well…

My biceps and abs are weakest. I haven’t started working them until a few weeks ago. I’m opposite your problem, after working calves every day for a while w/just bodyweight and doing calf press when I could (I didn’t have to abs to stabalize enough weight for standing calf raises) my calves are 4 inches larger than my arms.

My shoulders. I sit in the shoulder press machine and struggle out a set of 10 reps at 85-90 ponuds, and someone only a little bigger than me drops the pin down to 200 or 225 and knock them out. My bench presses suck, too, but they’re improving–my arms are so long (I’m 6’5") that they are a disadvantage to my bench strength, too.