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What is Your TRT Vitamin Regimen?


Seems like every guy has a different set of Vits and Supps that he thinks help compliment his TRT injection regimen. I'm wondering what yours are?

I'll start with what I take every day -

L-Arginine (1gr morning, 1 gr night)
Vitamin D (5000IU spread out throughout day w/ occasional sun / tanning bed)
Vitamin C (500MG X twice daily)
GNC Focus Formula (Which contains Vit B + GinkoB + E, etc)
Baby Aspirin
Zinc Lozenges (A few times a day)
Magnesium (250MG Twice daily)
GNC 100% Whey Protein Powder (Taken in shake on workout days only)


Vitamin D3 - 5000iu
Fish oil - 1500EPA/500DHA
Whey - Only used if haven’t met the daily protein goal.