What is Your TRT Protocol That Works?

220mg pharma? Interesting

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Interesting that no one so far is taking an AI

Why is that interesting?


Because here in Phoenix 99% of the TRT provider are using an AI

Not surprising. 99% of T clinics are idiots :slight_smile:


I’m prescribed 1mg/week of anastrozole. I’m just informed enough now to know not to take it. Many places prescribe it because people go on the internet and read that they need to control estrogen. If they didn’t prescribe it they’d lose clients. These are businesses and until about a year ago even this forum recommended 1mg of Adex per 100mg T. An endo that posted regularly had a large impact on changing that by explaining why an AI is not needed. Here’s the discussion.

I remember when I first started researching TRT I found a post on reddit from a guy that was new to TRT saying the doc he went to didn’t measure e2 because e2 was good and refused to prescribed AI’s because he thought they were bad. People lost their shit and thought he was a quack, told the guy never to go back, etc. I thought the same at the time. Everyone on Reddit probably still does.

It’s crazy how this random doc was actually right and the internet probably scared his patient away. At least times are changing somewhat.

He wasnt right, tho. Its needed for many people. Teh community goes back and forth with this shit.


To say one size fits all for TRT is silly. I feel the best at 750 mg/wk, and the muscle definition is really coming along. I started at 170, and I am up to 220 and seem leaner.

I also feel no difference between ED, EOD, , 2X a week, 3X a week or once a week.

Jk, on that… I am on 60 mg 3X a week, AI if needed (basically don’t take it), and 150 IU of HCG 3X a week. Seems to work well.

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A very small amount has helped me dial in. I think that I’m carrying more fat than most here plays a roll. I hope to eliminate it all together as I get leaner, but for now, it has helped when I get symptomatic (moodiness, low libido).

Are you talking about AI?.

Yes, sorry. AI

How much are you taking?

Self treating

Cruise levels:

125 mg Test Eth 2 X week
20 mg cialis on shot days for BP and BPH
multi vitamin
metformin 500 mg morning and night
3 iu of HGH every morning

Current blast:
All of the above plus
250 mg Test Eth 2 x week
100 mg Masteron x week

200mg Test C per week. 1mg Anastrazole. While I get AIs do bad things to a lot of people on this forum, I have found it is good for me. I was high on E2 (based on blood tests) and had bloat and acne. With the 1mg of AI, my bloat and acne have gone away. I also feel much more mentally stable too. When my E2 was high, I was much crankier.

I only dose once a week. I feel no major difference if I inject twice or once a week.


Sorry, forgot that one. I take 500 units of HCG per week too. This is twice per week sub q.

Also, I do take some vitamins as well, not that you asked for it. I take vitamin c and e at night before bed. I had some trouble sleeping on TRT, and besides the typical sleep apnea issue, I had found another user on this forum who suggested Vit C and E (combo) pill for sleep. It does help quite a bit. In addition, I take 4g of fish oil, a multi vitamin, and an adrenal health supplement at night too.

100mg test cyp e3.5d
250iu hcg e3.5d.

125mg split twice a week or 125mg x 2 (250mg) a week?