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What is Your Sustanon Protocol?

Just wondering for those who are on Sustanon, what protocol do you run? Dose, injection frequency?

I ask because I really only have a choice of Sust or Nebido here in the UK. I’ve been having issues with Sustanon, it felt like my hormones were kind of all over the place, which kept making my gyno flare up even though estrogen was in range.

I’ve been on Test E for a few months and honestly it feels so much better and the gyno has calmed down. I’ve been doing this for a few months ‘off the books’ of my Endo just to test it, such a shame they use sust or nebido here.

Anyway, I was injecting sust twice weekly which ive read online probably isnt the best protocol, so wondering if theres a better one I could discuss with my Endo?

Current protocol: Test E 62.5mg 2x a week and 0.25mgs Adex day after injection.


I did Sustanon once every two weeks. It didn’t get my test high enough. If I went back to it, I would try every ten days, or once a week, the whole 250 mg. Nebido could be used just like enanthate or cypionate, it just takes longer to get up to stable levels,

I did consider Nebido but have read a lot of guys struggling to get dialed in with it.

I spoke to my endo and I can get Test E at a whopping great price of £19 per ml! Pretty crazy but might have to go for it as I know this protocol is working for me now.

Best sustanon protocol:

  1. Pick up vial
  2. Put in trash
  3. Get test c
  4. Enjoy life

Theres clinics prescribing test e and one that imports test c in the UK.

I dont think I’m allowed to name them but a Google search should have you find them.

They are private clinics not NHS

I agree, it’s just here in the UK 1ml of sust costs £4 whereas E costs £19.

I spoke to my Endo and he can prescribe me Enanthate however he reckons its about £19 per ml which is shocking. Do you know any way around this, other than UGL?

I thought you guys had “free” healthcare, and were taxed at like an 80% tax rate, so you won’t have to deal with this?

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TRT largely isn’t covered on the NHS, or to get it is very difficult. NHS only prescribes Sus or Nebido. So there are some private clinics people use. You basically pay a specialist and they write a “private prescription”. With these the medication isn’t paid for by the NHS so you pay at cost of the medication plus whatever mark up the pharmacy adds on.


You have to pay extra, on top of your extremely high tax rate, to see a specialist, just to get medication that should be included in the already expensive “free” healthcare?


I know for a fact Roadie is correct as I’m using Test E via a private clinic. This clinic recently offered me a change to Test C in fact, but I declined as the E comes in a box of 10 x 1ml whereas C is a 10ml multidose vial - the smaller amps are so much easier to work with as I decant them 2-3 vials at a time.

They first offered Sustanon and, having done my pre-TRT research, thankfully I never went down that route as it seems a lot harder to ‘dial in’. Nebido was ironically the very first option I considered as the idea of injections scared me - but even a little research should kill off any notion of injecting huge amounts of estered test every few months. The peaks and troughs must be absolutely horrendous.

Please use either Test E or C - in the UK, E is easy to source and C is also possible just a little more expensive. I’m currently doing an E2D protocol (30mg per injection) and, absent blood work as proof, I feel better than ever.

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Yikes. Then pin the sust three times a week I guess.

I dont know anyone who pays 80% tax, are you confusing us with someone else?

What do you pay for your Test E per ml?

I was exaggerating. I hope you get my point.

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20mg daily sustanon plus 100UI HCG daily

What is so bad with sustanon? I consider changing it with enanthate, but Im not sure I will win something provided I do daily

If you do daily then it’s fine. Most people who use sustanon do not pin daily.

I have some sleeping issues and Im not sure if the short esters peaks are not causing it

Unfortunately it works out c. £22 per ml - but then this is a private clinic and they basically leave me alone to do as I wish (I get a box of 10 x 1ml every 10 weeks and so, given that I’m only using c. 0.6ml per week, am slowly building a surplus of Test E for when I inevitably want to see what a “blast” feels like…).

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