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What Is Your Stereo Setup?

Music is a good medicine,my head like crisp clear punchy sound.
My current setup is dali ikon 6 mk1 and nad c356bee integrated stereo amp,thinking of change and get dali ikon 6 mk2 and anthem str integrated amp,or add anthem a2 2-channel power amp to the c356bee.

Its not very expensive,but really good sound,but the tweeter on the ikon 6 mk1 is a bit flat and light,thats why i will change them out with the newer model ikon 6 mk2,that said i like the overall sound of this setup as it is now,i enjoy the music alot.

post your setup her.

You’re never gonna be able to party hard if your stereo doesn’t have mega bass.


i might throw in an active sub to get the really low ends in,but the punchy bass from the dali’s are very enjoyable as for now.

Rotel DMV 1075 amp
Rotel RSP1066 pre
California Audio Labs CL10 CD player
Tyler Acoustics 7Us


B&O BeoMaster 6000 (receiver, cassette, LP) driving Magneplanar MG IIbs with a Jamo sub.

Recently sold my Nak RX 505.


Anybody here fucks with tube audio?

I built a tube guitar amp in high school and have recently considered dipping back into it by building a stereo style tube console…tube audio heads are so fucking expensive.

I’m a believer in the superior warm organic sound. And i would be willing to bet most people can hear the difference, now whether or not they like tube more than solid state is purely personal preference.

I personally hook up my laptop to my guitar amplifier and play music that way.

I play music through spotify/youtube from my laptop, and the earphones go from the laptop to the pick ups of a bass guitar that is retired from conventional use, which is then connected to an old crate guitar amplifier. I can get some really, really loud music doing this. I have EQ based on the amps nobs, the bass guitar, and the laptops sound settings. Pretty nice and didn’t require investing (albeit cheaply) in a stereo system. Used this for years.

My dad used to build commercial audio systems and when they had to be excellent he used Crown tube amps. At home we had a system with McIntosh M-30 's for good listening.

The blow the doors off system was Denon source equipment, a Carver pre-amp/selector and 2 Carver silver 7 T’s driving a set of Polk Audio SDA 1’s.

I remember hearing and liking some nice Rotel systems.

Very crisp and clear highs.

Is that bottom item a passive radiator?


Those things were beasts, but I blew em up with some Fat Boy Slim.

I had a TFM-55 connected to them, and the song changed. The next one that came on started with some really low and loud bass, which maxed the amp out and over extended the cones.

There’s the polks, carver silver 7 T’s, carver pre-amp and denon cd player-and me getting some form feedback on why my legs get all dancy when dead lifting.

Favorite song through that system ever was “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.

M-Audio BX5A studio monitors.

I don’t know why more people don’t use studio monitors for their everyday listening. I’ve got these tiny little monitors and the sound quality is incredible with enough volume to rock a serious party.

Parasound P5 as pre and Anthem A2 as poweramplifier,this will be a good musical match i think. put the speakers up for sale yesterday,have to get me some ikon 6 mk2 instead.
ordered david gilmour live at pompeii and some 50 60 70 80 and 90’s cd-boxes.