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what is your routine?

I was bored, and wanted to post this… What is everybodys workout routine like ( 5 days/week ,day on day off, chest/back, bis/tris etc) I am going to change my routine up next week and i want to know what has worked best for all of you.

Any advice is appreciated.

Currently on a mass gaining phase. Sunday: Quad-dominant legs, calves(gastro) and obliques. Monday: off, usually go for a long roller-blade. Tuesday: Chest, biceps, lower&upper abs. Wednesday: Hip-dominant legs, calves(soleus) and shoulders. Thursday: Ancillary work(traps,forearms,external arm rotators, and grip training). Friday: off, sometimes go for another blade.

I forgot Saturday: Back and triceps.

Here’s how the days are lined up: day 1= A1, day 2= B1, days 3 & 4 off, day 5= A2, day 6=B2, days 7 & 8 off. In other words, 2 days on, 2 days off. A=major muscle groups (chest, back, quads, hams…) B=Bi’s, Tri’s, forearms, abs, calves.
A1: Bench Press, Shrugs, T-bar Rows, Squats. A2: Dips, Chin-ups, Clean & Press, Deadlifts. I do 4 sets of each, circuit style. The first 2 sets are 4-6 reps, 3rd is 8-10, and 4th is 12-18. I think it’s a pretty good routine for overall strength.

My current favorite is a 3 way split (whole body divided into 3 workouts). Workout A: All pushing exercises in multiple planes (overhead press, dips, dumbbell or bench presses, abs, triceps. Workout B: All pulling exercises in multiple planes (seated or dumbbell rows, hang cleans, chins), hamstrings (stiff legged deads, leg curls), biceps. Workout C: Quads (squats, leg extension), rotator cuff, calves.
I alternate through the workouts in order, ABCABC. The neat thing about this is that you can choose any number of days per week you want to train, as long as you never train more than two days in a row without a day off.
I’m currently doing 4 days a week, M-Tu-Th-Fr. You could also do this on a Mo-We-Fr schedule.

WTF? You guys make it sound so complicated. 5days on, 1 day off, repeat.

day1: Chest/Biceps
day2: Quads/Hams
day3: Shoulders/traps
day4: Back/Triceps
day5: Forearms/Abs/Calves
day6: Rest


Our routine is scheduled purely for convenience sake: Ko (boyfriend) works 3-11 Saturday through Wednesday - while my work schedule is typical M-F, 8 to 5, and then I go home and work in my studio til late (artist) and on weekends. So, it’s Saturday: squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses (as outlined in Meltdown Training), reverse hypers, hanging leg raises, incline leg raises. I might do some single leg curls and Ko might add some front squats. Dependent on how we feel.
Sundays: chest, triceps: bench day!!! Incline dumbbell presses, cables and dips. Abs both days.
I’ll come in on Monday evenings and Wednesdays (I’m preparing for a contest now) and do some shoulder presses, lat pulldowns and one-arm cable rows and Wednesday would be some leg work like extensions, one-leg presses. Nothin’ fancy and all workouts are within 30- minutes (by myself) or 40-minutes (with Ko). And folks, we’ve been seeing terrific results!!! Oh and next month, I add posing practice to all of this.

Awesome input guys! A lot of these routines are great and worth giving a try thanks

On HST right now so that means 3 full body workouts per week. I love it. DOMS is a thing of the past. I also feel LESS over trained. Or rather I don’t feel overtrained. :slight_smile:

split legs into quads dominant ham dominant, so a nice rotine would be deadlifts/back, chest/calves, squats/delts, biceps/triceps/abs. depending on what excercises you do, you might even want to drop the bis/tris/abs and have an extra days rest since you would be hitting a lot of the bis and tris with chest back and delt routines. heavy deadlifts will knock out your body for a couple of days without great recouperation, so watch out. Deadlift is the best body mass builder. laters pk

HST, it will change your paradigm.

What is HST?

HST is Hypertrophy Specific Training. Brian Haycock wrote about it on his site. Ive never tried it but he seems to know what hes talking about.

Rookie, that workout looks marvelous, although, Steven
might need “a little something” to pull it off. Such as the
following: Anadrol 50 mg’s 2 X daily — Anavar 30 mg’s
daily — Test Propionate 100 mg injection daily — Sustanon
250 mg 4 injections per week ---- Deac 600 mg 3 injections
per week ---- Proviron 75 mg’s daily Winstrol 75mg’s daily
oral — Clomid 100 mg’s daily!!! (If you catch my drift…?)

Day1: quad dominant. Day2: horizontal pulling and pushing. Day3: rest. Day4: Hip dominant. Day5: vertical pulling and pushing. Day6:rest. Day7: rest. This is based on a 7 day cycle.

Damn right it will change your Paradigm. :slight_smile:

HST and absolutely loving it!!!