What Is Your Protocal And How Often Do You Have To Donate Blood?

Quick Survey-

What’s your protacol?

How often do you need to donate blood (if at all), to maintain blood thickness?

182mg/wk and never need to bloodlet.

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Never donated blood ever on any protocol or dose. From ED to E7D, or 100mg to 200mg a week.

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Jatenzo @ 237 mg twice daily. Hematocrit 53% and hemoglobin 18.4. I don’t donate or get phlebotomies and my endocrinologist and hematologist said I don’t need to. A slight elevation may in fact be optimal for longevity according to this long term study below.

Conclusion: This is the first epidemiological study that aims to elucidate the association between stroke and altitude using four different elevation ranges. Our findings suggest that living at higher elevations offers a reduction or the risk of dying due to stroke as well as a reduction in the probability of being admitted to the hospital. Nevertheless, this protective factor has a stronger effect between 2,000 and 3,500 m.

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my htc tends to go up to 20 or so. nothing that I feel. i donate 1 liter before blood work so docs don’t bitch

Whats your protocol?

140mg/wk split into 70mg Sunday morn and 70mg Weds evening. I have ran up to 800mg of Test with primo and still no hematocrit issues.

I will add it’s not that I never had a slightly elevated HCT, it’s just that it was transient. Maybe I didn’t drink enough water, maybe ate too much salt, maybe vaped too much. I have tested at 51 for example on a lower more modest dose but then test as low as 46 on a dose closer to 200 on the next blood work. So it doesn’t seem T was a deciding factor.

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