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what is your pre-set psych-up routine?

Dont know if this thread has been done but…

I was wondering what other peoples psych-up routines are just before each set.

What are your thoughts, mannerisms, habits?

Do you stare off into space and think menacing thoughts? listen to the music? stare at the hot chicks ass on the eliptcal?

For me its the music, I block out all the other noise in the gym and listen to the song playing (provided its not something lame)

I envision the reps being performed perfectly.

When I was younger I used to get angry, muster up rage, etc. I don’t do that any more. It’s not necessary, it’s too stressful, it’s probably not healthy.

Nowadays I am more concerned with good form, avoiding injury, enjoying my training (and not trying to get psycho in the gym).

I am older than a lot of the guys here though.

I think of differnt things for differnt exercises. For the bench and squat i just try to focus to use as much muscle as possible. For the rows and pulldowns (right in front of the tread mills) i just stare at the ladies going for a little jog.

I like to listen to some intense music before working out such as the Cro-mags, Harley’s War etc. I like to do some heavy singles at the beginning of each workout to stimulate the CNS and get jacked for trianing. Having a goal at each workout is also important for focus.

Mike Mahler

While listening to some really hard music, I think about a good workout that I had before and how I’m gonna make it better. RLTW


I imagine myself doing the lift perfectly. I also tell myself the weight is lighter than I think it is.

I picture finishing the rep with perfect form. I never think for a second that I won’t succeed (even though it has been known to happen). Also, I tend to train at 1pm. I wake up at 5:30am. That means I’ve been thinking about my workout for 7.5 hrs. Damn, I’m already psyched for my next session now.

i go to my ‘happy place’ seriously. i get calm and focused, then grip the bar and squeeze as hard as i can, no matter the exercise. then the adrenaline surges and i usually only remember reracking the weight after the set.

What? Not everybody gets all pissed off before their sets? Man, you guys are too “zen” for me. Personally, I stare in the mirror and say this to myself (in my head):

You ugly motherf#cker, nobody loves you, you will NEVER be anything until you get big and BE somebody. You will never get laid, you will never have a girlfriend, you weak f#cking bastard. NOW DO THIS SHIT!!!

One of the girls I train with asked me a while ago what I was thinking about when I stare into the mirror right before each set, and I said “just stuff”. She’d think I was a psycho (like some of you might now) if I told her the truth. Sometimes lying is good.

I’m with SMF. My gym time is my favorite and I really enjoy it, so by the time I get to the gym I’m ready to kick some ass. I also wear headphones to drown out the piped in estro-music at the commercial gym I go to.

I picture standing in a slowly babbling creek fly fishing in the great white north. haha, just kidding.

I picture Merlin’s mom watching me workout.