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What is Your Opinion about High Density Gironda 6x6 Workout for Natty?


Hello Christian
I would like at the outset to thank for all your work you do on the blog Thibarmy. It is for me extremely useful.

I’m curious what is your opinion about training Gironda 6x6. There is not a huge volume, so it should work nicely for natural lifters.
It would make sense to combine the training of high-density(6x6) with high-intensity training(rest pause) in one week? Let’s say 2-3 days of high-intensity push/pull and high-density push/pull/legs for three days? Very bad idea? Maybe it’s better just to do one type of workout for 4-6 weeks?
Thank you in advance for your answer

Sorry for my google-translate english.


Strictly for aesthetic purposes I love most of Gironda’s work. I even wrote an article about him and his work. He did work a lot when most people were natural, so I trust that his style will work for most natties.



3 dozen eggs, steak, half and half and butter. Now that’s a cutting diet I can believe in lol.


Well I can vouch for eggs. Ever since I added eggs and olive oil in my diet I’m feeling and looking better. Libido much better to. However with fats I believe that the key is balance. If you increase saturated fats you also need to increase monounsaturated (olive oil) and polyunsaturated (fish oil)… same thing for if you add lots of fish oil in your diet you must also increase the other types.

For example I have protein pancakes once or twice a day…basically

1 scoop of protein
3-4 whole eggs
1 tablespoon of olive oil

And with that I take a serving of FLAMEOUT and it is cooked in coconut oil